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CD REVIEW: TRIOSPHERE – The Heart Of The Matter

| 24 December 2014 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: December 2, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 are proof positive that awesome female-fronted rock is on the rise and that the year ahead should be exciting times for rockers.  “My Fortress” opens with riffs from from guitarists Marius Silver Bergesen and T.O. Byberg and an aggressive beat that gets the head banging.  The killer vocals on this track are simply the surface being scratched, but the vocals at the chorus are among the best on the disc.  “Steal Away The Light” is another aggressive track that uses killer guitar leads and riffs to accentuate the vocals, while the bass (also performed by lead vocalist Ida Haukland) and drums anchor a heavy bottom end.  “Breathless” keeps the rock quotient of the disc up with a song that is more mainstream in sound, and changes up to a mellow track at the verse and chorus.  This song really gives the disc depth and shows another side of the band – a great side.  “The Heart’s Dominion” is a heavy track that seems to lean towards the symphonic, expoecially once the lead vocals kick in with a heavy vibrato and the charging rhythm of the track.  “Relentless” features a slowed down introduction that offsets the pace of the track, which hits breakneck speed through the verse and chorus.  “Remedy” dials in the energy and gives us more great vocals that are full of attitude and emotion, without being overbearing or aggressive.

“The Sentinel” opens with a mellower sound and feel, but is soon dialed up to 10 with the introduction of pounding drums and bass that accompany a chugging riff that fills the void.  “Departure” comes charging across with a heavy vibe that soon morphs into a cool rock track that is carried by the strong vocals of Haukland and the twin guitar attack of Bergesen and Byberg.  The bridge is filled with killer fills from drummer Kenneth Tårneby.  “As I Call” opens with a great drum sequence that is soon joined by bass line that drives the track and guitar work that is some of the best on the disc.  The song nicely ties all of the different textures of the other tracks together and gives the disc one of its more solid songs.  “The Sphere” is a great song that gives the drums and bass a bit of room to run and play along with the vocals.  This unique trio of sounds are joined in by the guitars and combine to create a great uptempo rocker.  “Stortyteller” gives us one of the coolest guitar solos on the collection, while adding great vocals, heavy bass, and full drumming to the mix.  The song is a great representation of the sound and feel of Triosphere.  Disc closer “Virgin Ground” brings the collection its first full blown ballad, complete with the most beautiful lead vocal on the disc and some of the more delicate guitar work.  The feel of this track gives the disc and band added texture that will hopefully be explored in the future.





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