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| 7 February 2017 | Reply

Label: AFM Records

Release Date: January 20, 2017

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I dig new music – and by new music I don’t just mean new material.  This also covers bands that may have been around a year or two or almost 30.  The newest disc to churn from the metal band Nightmare is one of those new discs that I really dig.  The disc kicks off with “Infected” and we are off and running.  The big riffs, thunderous bottom end, and killer tempo are perfectly matched by the vocals that are heavy and dark compared to many of the other tracks on the disc.  “Sleepless Minds” follows and brings more power riffs and a slightly symphonic feel to the disc while the vocals take a gentler approach to the material.  There is less growl and more balls in the delivery from signer Maggy Luyten.  Her voice alone keeps me coming back to this disc.  “Red Marble Gold” is another heavy track that features chugging riffs, but this time slows the tempo of Olivier Casula’s drumming and turns in some cool guitar work overtop the mix before the vocals jump in.  “Indifference” is one of the more mainstream radio rock tracks on the disc, thanks to the guitar work that swirls with the lead vocals and the solid performance form the rhythm section.  The cadence of the vocals adds depth to the song from open to close, especially the pre-chorus and chorus.  “Seeds Of Agony” opens with great guitar work and only gets better from there, thanks to the six-string duo of Matt Asselberghs and Franck Milleliri.  Once the vocals join in, the song gains momentum without accelerating the tempo and groove of the track.  Disc closer “Starry Skies Gone Black” features a great opening that brings together the guitars, drums, and bass for a metal meets thrash jam before the vocals swing into the picture.  This song seems to tie a lot of the disc together in one song.

“Tangled In The Roots” opens with a more mainstream sounding track than some of the bands other songs on this disc, but soon the chugging riffs join in and we get more power metal that builds slightly at the chorus with layered lead and background vocals that add depth to the track.  Don’t forget to listen for the occasional ping and squeal in the mix.  “Ikarus” unfolds beautifully and soon delivers a blow of metal that is full of different vocal textures, giving the song a slightly different sound without deviating from the musical path cut so far on the disc.  The chorus is full of guitars and percussion while Yves Campion’s bass drones on in the bottom end.  The title track “Dead Sun” has a great groove wrapped around solid vocals.  The opening sequence gives the song a heavier feel that slowly grows in feel and intensity.  The song has a very Metallica-like feel to it, even after Luyten jumps in with her vocals.  The twin guitars of Milleliri and Asselberghs gives the track additional punch.  “Inner Sanctum” delivers one of the heaviest vibes on the disc, with breakneck drumming and guitars that dwell on the heavy end of the spectrum.  The lyrics and vocals even have a darker flavor to them that takes you into a darker place than most of the material on this disc does.  “Serpentine” takes us into slight thrash territory, including the vocals on the song that are a bit dirtier than most material on this release.  All told most of these songs seem to stray from a pattern, but they all seem to work together here.  Not my normal fare, but this one will probably stay near my CD player for the time being.

Tracklisting: Infected – Sleepless Minds – Tangled In The Roots – Red Marble Gold – Ikarus – Indifference – Dead Sun – Seeds Of Agony – Inner Sanctum – Serpentine – Starry Skies Gone Black





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