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CD REVIEW: SPIDERS – Shake Electric

| 5 November 2014 | Reply


Label: Spinefarm Records

Release Date: November 4, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Hybrid rock seems to be on the rise.  If you mix garage rock and punk rock with a twist of classic heavy rock and a hint of modern rock you get the latest release from Spiders.  “Mad Dog” kicks the disc off with a cool riff and solid bottom end from the rhythm section.  The vocals from Ann-Sofie Hoyles add depth to the track from the start.  Title track “Shake Electric” follows and adds to the mix.  The heavy opening from the trio of musicians behind the vocalist keep the disc moving along while giving the tracks a retro sound.  “Only Your Skin” is a straight-ahead rocker that opens with guitars and vocals from John and Ann-Sofie Hyles respectively.  Soon the rhythm section, led by bassist Olle Griphammar joins the fray and completes the track.  “Back On The Streets” features soaring riffs and pounding drums in the opening moments, but soon gets a heavier groove compliments of the bass and the vocals.  “Give Up The Fight” has cool drum and bass fills that help this track stand out amongst the other songs without sounding as if it doesn’t belong on the collection.

“Bleeding Heart” is one of the coolest tracks on the disc, as it takes the vocals, drums, bass, and guitars and blends them well together.  John Hoyles guitar work is accented by Harryson’s drums.  The way the vocals drip across the song gives this a sexy rocker feel.  “Lonely Nights” comes at your from the first strum of the guitars, along with the strong drums and bass line that anchor the track.  Ms. Hoyles vocals are electric and well matched to the track.  “Control” has a cool Runaways vibe to it that gets the song moving, while letting the band put their own stamp throughout the track, from the bass lines to the drums steady beat.  “Hard Times” has swagger and attitude, while being a bit laid back and mellow.  What really make this track are the emotionally charged vocals that cap the mellow musical accompaniment.  “War Of The World” turns everything back up to 11 as it closes the disc out.  The guitars are furious while the drums and bass pound steadily in the back ground.  The vocals are all punk and attitude, but it helps cap off a really good fresh sounding retro-style record.




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