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| 22 October 2014 | 1 Reply


Label: Victory Records

Release Date: October 28, 2014

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

It is seldom a band remains consistent in their content and delivery from release to release, but Sister Sin is one of the rare gems that gives their fans what they have come to love and expect on each of the bands discs.  “Food For Worms” kicks the disc off and the doors open.  The guitars, drums, and bass prime you for the familiar vocals from Liv Jagrell that set the pace and bar for the rest of the disc.  The breakneck tempo of the track builds on everything the band has released to date.  “Chaos Royale” strolls through next, and while it seems a bit mellow when the intro starts, you are soon banging your head to the realization that this is Sister Sin doing what they do best – rocking the hell out of a song.  The guitars are crazy frantic and fill the song with great riffs while the vocals take the song to another level.  “Desert Queen” has some of the best guitar riffs on the disc, compliments of Jimmy Hiltula, as well as solid playing from the rhythm section and of course Liv’s steady vocals.  “Stones Thrown” is a solid rocker that goes for the throat from opening lick to closing bass line and drum fill.  The tempo of this track falls within the standard fare for the band and gives the disc consistency.  “Ruled By None” is a great track that captures everything golden on the disc and brings it together, including the pounding bass, thunderous drums, monster riffs, and rockstar vocals.

“Au Revoir” opens with a fun light riff that allows the vocals to drive the track.  Liv’s familiar voice and mild scream combine with killer drums from Dave Sundberg to take the listener on a journey inside the metal mayhem that is Sister Sin.  The chorus has a tribal feel that is enhanced by the guitar solo at the bridge.  “Count Me Out” has a symphonic sound in the opening moments, but quickly evolves into another classic track this band has become known for.  The vocal delivery of the lyrics drives the emotion and point of this track home, as does the aggressive nature of the the rhythm section anchored by Strandh on bass.  You can always count on Liv for one Fuck You moment on every disc, and this track delivers that sentiment.  “The Jinx” is a different track for the band, as it’s acoustic feel and vibe isn’t typically what the band is known for.  The vocals are a little more subdued than normal, but when Liv actually sings the lyrics, we realize the vocal talent behind the rock n’ roll voice.  “Sail North” runs full speed through the speakers from the opening note to the last, with a killer duet in the verse that sounds a lot like a certain lead vocalist with a motley past.  The catchy and anthemic chorus carries the track and disc to a satisfying close.

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