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CD REVIEW: LORDI – Scare Force One

| 25 October 2014 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: November 4, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Lordi is releasing another collection of monstrously great rock upon the unsuspecting masses and although it differs slightly from the musical stylings we are accustomed to, don’t fret – this is classic Lordi.  “SCG7: Arm Your Doors And Cross Check” is an interesting piece that opens the disc and readies you for the title track.  “Scare Force One” kicks in and all bets are off.  The musicianship is what fans have come to know and expect.  The symphonic sound the guitars and keyboards contrast the lead vocals of Mr. Lordi.  “Hell Sent In The Clown” uses sound effects and eerie circus music to drive the lyrics of the track home, while the vocals give this song a rough around the edges feel.  “Monster Is My Name” is an aggressive track that charges full speed ahead with great chugging riffs and a heavy bottom end.  The chorus is catchy and should go over well in a live situation.  “Amen’s Lament To Ra II” is a cool instrumental that demonstrates the raw talent underneath the riffs, solos, and fierce guitar work elsewhere on the disc.  “The United Rocking Dead Song” opens with great guitars and a heavy bass  line from Mr. Ox that gives this song a heavy feel and groove.  The song morphs just before the verse and gains a slower and heavier feel, that sounds and feels different than anything else on the disc, but it fits in this collection.  “Hella’s Kitchen” is an instrumental that features the keyboards and vocals from it’s namesake, as well as having been written solely by Hella.

“How to Slice A Whore” is an interesting title, but the lyrics lend themselves to the macabre.  The use of a rhythmic chorus gives this song a driving beat that gets the foot tapping and the head banging.  “House Of Ghosts” is musically one of my favorite tracks, as it highlights the keyboards and drums early, allowing these typically ignored instruments to shine a bit.  The vocals, tempered and slightly muted, add to the songs mystique and frightening vibe.  “Cadaver Lover” gives Hella a little bit of a work out on the keyboards, but she is more than up to the challenge.  The heavy drums and bass anchor this track when the guitars start to soar.  “Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein” is a charging track and an excellent choice for a first single.  The drums from Mana are pounding and fill the background with a killer tempo.  The background vocals enhance the bridge and give this song a different feel from other tracks on the disc.  “She’s A Demon” is a fun track that gives the Hella’s keyboards and Amen’s guitars  a workout.  These two duet nicely while the rhythm section plays away and Mr. Lordi once again takes the lead and sings his ass of on what is as close to a ballad as these guys get.  “Sir Mr. Presideath Sir” pokes fun and a bit of opinion at the politicians of the world.  The music is spot on and blends well against the vocals, especially at the chorus.  The keyboards highlight the bridges and transitions while the rhythm section charges forward.  The guitars are layered and give the song depth while the familiar vocals are thrown into the mix.

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