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Q+A: PEACHES, April 2015

| 26 April 2015 | Reply

Q+A: PEACHES, April 2015
By Jackie Coffin

Peaches 01

Touring regional festival Groovin the Moo returns to Bunbury this year and with it comes ball-breaking, bitch-on-two-legs, Siren of electro rock, Peaches. She of F**k the Pain away, multi-boobied stage outfits and the brains behind one of most fabulously out-there live shows you are likely to see this year. Notorious for her costumes, brash sexuality and take-no-prisoners persona as much as her music, Peaches is someone you remember. And come April 26, she is going to make some memories with Bunbury.

100% ROCK Magazine took the opportunity to ask electro-shock Madam Peaches the big questions by email and was kind of shocked by the results. Turns out, Peaches can be quite tight-lipped when she chooses. Maybe it’s because she saves her words for lyrics. Maybe she’s more compelling onstage. Maybe she’s saving it all for Bunbury.

Peaches 02

100% ROCK: You’re heading to Bunbury as part of the Groovin the Moo tour in April, when was the last time you were in Australia?
PEACHES: I was there in 2011 for a New Year’s tour

100% ROCK: Who are you looking forward to seeing on the tour?
PEACHES: Hoping to be reunited with Charlie XCX

100% ROCK: Do you party with your fellow artists, or are you a hide-in-the-trailer and chill type of gal now?
PEACHES: I cannot stop myself from hanging out. It’s part of the fun.

100% ROCK: Bunbury is a fairly conservative country town, what tricks do you have up your sleeve to shock the punters come April 26?
PEACHES: I guess I will just be me and see what happens

100% ROCK: How hard do you try to shock the pants off folks? Do you like your audience pants-less, or is it something you just do without trying – like a special talent?
PEACHES: Just one of my special talents

100% ROCK: Speaking of shock, does anything really shock Peaches these days?
PEACHES: Yes – intolerance & bigotry shocks and sickens me

100% ROCK: Some people say, the point of art is not about like or dislike, but to put viewers outside their comfort zone and make them think. For you, as a performer or an artist is that the point of your work, to make people think about sexuality? Here I’m specifically referring to female sexuality, or queer sexuality.
PEACHES: The point is to make good music and have people, all kind of people, sing and dance to it and then they realise what they are singing and dancing to and enjoy the experience even more.

100% ROCK: How has the world changed in regards to gay rights since you began performing? What kind of changes have you seen in your time, good and bad?
PEACHES: There have been major changes in all directions but we have to keep fighting the good fight

100% ROCK: I’m not sure how much you know about Australia, but our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is successfully demonstrating his ignorance about equal rights by refusing to address the issue of gay marriage in this country. What would you have to say to Tony in regards to this? Is there a place for church in regards to issues of the State?
PEACHES: No there is no place for church and state to be together….

100% ROCK: The music biz, is it just one big boy’s club? How much harder have you had to work to get to where you are today because of your gender? Has it been harder is it for you to be taken seriously as an artist because your onstage personality is so flamboyant?
PEACHES: I’ve been called a lot of things and I always make my own rules so I have my own club. I don’t want to be in the ‘big boys club’

100% ROCK: Consider the notion that in 2015 women have more rights and are better off than ever before, historically speaking. As a successful artist and business woman, who is in control of her own life and her own brand what are some of the most pressing issues regarding women’s rights and equality of the sexes as you see it?
PEACHES: We still need equal pay for everyone.

100% ROCK: Who is Peaches in her own time? Do you rock a bleached ‘hawk and sky-high orange eyeshadow when you head down to your local sex shop for a bottle of lube, or are you a little bit more understated?
PEACHES: OMG did you see me there?

Peaches 03
Peaches plays a sold out Groovin the Moo in Bunbury on April 26 and the Bakery in Perth on April 29. Tickets are available through Oztix.

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