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| 22 July 2014 | Reply


Label: Tell The Rest Records

Release Date: July 22, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Sometimes an artists name can be misleading when it comes to the genre of music you are about to be subjected to.  When you hear the name FLINTface, you might expect something aggressive and pounding, but not the case.  “On Your Feet Again” opens this disc with a cool modern rock tinged track that leans more on songwriting and vocals, and less on other facets of a normal song.  “Army Of Rejects” follows and the catchy chorus combined with the great guitar work and strong verses make this song pleasurable to listen to as the vocals draw you into the song and its message.  “Rock Steady” has a cool beat that takes the song and disc in a different direction without deviating from the direction of the remaining tracks.  “Buying What You’re Selling” is a great song that jumps out and grabs attention with the lyrics before the music and vocals kick in.  The guitar work is cool and really helps create a great sound on this track that gives the disc a shot in the arm.  “Hope (The Bottom)” closes the disc in a very mellow balladesque way that leaves the end of the disc a bit flat, compared to the other up and mid tempo tracks here.

“When Culture Calls” has a mellow groove and a chorus that blends the verse and the bridge nicely to craft a cool track that is a bit different from other tracks on the disc, but fits within the collection of nine songs.  “Ready For It” is one of the two more ballad-like tracks on this disc.  The disc would be tighter if the songs stayed a bit more rock geared and cohesive with the other songs.  That said, the vocals on this track are great and well suited to the song.  “Found My Voice” is a mid-tempo track that is highlighted by the vocals and addition of some electric guitar that seems to duet with the acoustic guitars.  The chorus is catchy, the guitars hooky, and the sound lush and full.  “Did I Stutter” has a different feel to it, but the vibe is perfect for the disc.  The vocals are different yet the same form other songs on the disc.  The pre-chorus and chorus have an anthemic feel to them without being cheesy.  This disc is really good, and the only flaw in this reviewers mind is the two balladish tracks and the absence of something a little heavier (maybe some guitars or a heavy bass line) on a track or two.  A great song is a great song, regardless of how loud you play it, and FLINTface is proof of that!

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