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CD REVIEW: ILL NINO – Till Death, La Familia


Label: Victory Records

Release Date: July 22, 2014

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

It’s easy to compliment a friend, but it’s really easy when complimenting friends Ill Nino on their latest release, Till Death, La Familia.  “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow” is hook laden and catchy, but this isn’t your momma’s rock and roll.  The attitude and aggression is evident in front man Cristian Machado’s voice from the first vocal to the last and the rest of the band is as heavy complimenting the sound.  “Not Alive In My Nightmare” features more of the aggressive vocals, but also highlights bassist Laz Pina and the heavy bottom end he provides on this track.  The song is well crafted and lets the different textures of the band to surface at different points.  “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” opens with a cool instrumental piece and layered background vocals, but swiftly morphs into a Latin metal fusion piece that really showcases Machado’s voice when he SINGS during the verses and demonstrates his talent.  “Pray I Don’t Find You” brings different sounds and tempos together to really demonstrate not only the ability of the different players in the band, but it gives the guys a depth that hasn’t been heard on one of their discs in a long time.  “Dear Friends” opens with a cool tribal-Latin groove that quickly turns into a heavy track with Machado’s voice being driven by the percussion supplied by drummer and band co-founder (with Machado) Dave Chavarri, as well as guitar riffs supplied by Ahrue Lustre and Diego Verduzco.

“I’m Not The Enemy” keeps the aggression alive and well on the disc, but also gives the Latin grooves and beat these guys have cultivated to shine as a cool backdrop to the track, including some thunderous drums from Chavarri and percussion from new comer Oscar Santiago.  “Are We So Innocent” comes screaming out of the gate, thanks in part to the dual guitar attack from Lustre and Verduzco.  The lead and rhythm guitarists give this song a solid groove that the rest of the band follows.  This is one of the heavier tracks on the disc.  “World So Cold” is more Ill Nino at its best.  The bass line from Pina underneath the rest of the track helps anchor a heavy track laden with killer riffs and pounding drums and percussion.  “Breaking The Rules” features more of the Latin infused percussion layered with guitars and bass in order to support the vocals that range from growls and screams to choruses that are catchy and well sung.  “Payaso” opens with a cool beat and soon becomes another song in the vein of classic Ill Nino, while keeping the sound fresh and modern.  The band works together to create a song that should stand the test of time.  “My Bullet” closes the disc in killer fashion (pun intended).  Once again the vocals carry the track, but the song wouldn’t rise to the top without the accompaniment from the rest of the band.

These guys could take the easy way out and rest on their laurels, but in a cut throat music world of here today, gone tomorrow, they are digging in with their past, yet with an eye to the future – all with the love and support of their fans, whom they all feel are truly part of the Ill Nino La Familia.

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