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| 30 July 2014 | Reply


Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Date: August 5, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I am not normally a blues guy, but lately there seems to be a rush on great music that happens to be set to blues style music.  “High Class Woman” kicks off the debut from Blue Pills with strength and attitude.  This heavy blend of blues takes the music to a different level and allows a seasoned rocker to get into the groove created by the different players.  “Ain’t No Change” starts off with a heavy bottom end that contrasts the guitars from 17-year-old Dorian Sorriaux during a lengthy jam, but meshes when the vocals kick in and take this song to a different place than it seemed originally headed.  “Black Smoke” is a cool tune that mixes tempos and vibes to create a mellow blues track that takes you on a chill trip, accentuated by lush vocals and a cool bass line from Zack Anderson that weaves in and out of the track.  “No Hope Left For Me” is a typical blues groove, but set against a cool guitar track and a rhythm section, anchored by drummer Cory Berry, that keeps the song from derailing.  “Astralplane” is a shoegazer style track that morphs between rock and blues thanks to the vocals and guitars that carry this track.  The riffs on this track standout as some of the better on the disc.

“Jupiter” has a cool fusion/fuzzy groove that sits back against the rich vocals courtesy of Elin Larsson.  The jam  that ensues before and during the bridge and breakdown demonstrate the magic that happens when these four musicians put forth the effort.  “River” has a ballad feel to it that soon morphs into a cool blues track heavy on emotion and energy.  The vocals make the song take off and create the mood needed to pull off this tune as a heavy blues rocker.  “Devil Man” is a heavy rocker that has a blues flavor woven through it.  The vocals add punch to this track and its lyrics.  The way the vocals are mingled with the guitars, bass, and drums somehow creates a sound that is different from anything else on the disc, yet fits within the framework of the other tracks.  “Gypsy” a cover from Chubby checker, comes off with a fun groove created by the drums and percussion, then accentuated by Larsson’s vocals and the guitar noodling that gives the song a little depth.  Disc closer “Little Sun” is all blues and a nice book end to the disc that contrasts, yet compliments the opener “High Class Woman.”  The vocals are the star on this track, but the rhythm section and guitars can’t be cast aside and forgotten, as they push this song along.  Now we need to hope this release allows the band to get out and tour and spread the heavy blues rock love with the masses, as most of these tracks are built to be played live and allow the band and audience to feed off of each other.

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