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BOOK REVIEW: The Turners by Mick Elliot

| 18 August 2016 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: The Turners by Mick Elliot

Lothian Children’s Books
May 2015
Paperback, $14.99
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar


7.5 /10

The Turners - Mick Elliot

Thirteen is a hard enough birthday to navigate, but infinitely more so when you suddenly sprout a tail and turn into a komodo dragon in the middle of the school library!

The Turners is the tale of Leo Lennox, the latest in a long line of – as the title suggests – Turners: humans with the capability (sometimes even an uncontrollable compulsion) to turn into animals or birds.

Leo’s Dad goes in search of help for Leo, but vanishes, leaving Leo and sister Abbie to go in search of answers – finding flesh-eating pigs, genetically modified hamsters, snake-skinned bad guys, and some very unpleasant family members as well.

From the cover on in, The Turners is a hilarious and action-packed romp which will delight kids, teenagers and young adults, and best news of all – as the first part of a trilogy, there’s plenty more thrills and laughs to come.

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