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Shane’s Rock Challenge: LITTLE BIRDY – Beautiful To Me [CD Single]

| 16 April 2014 | Reply

Shane’s Music Challenge: LITTLE BIRDY – Beautiful To Me [CD Single]

Little Birdy - Beautiful To Me cover

A lovely little pop single from Perth brats Little Birdy, this is a great one to play your wife/ girlfriend /special friend/ latest object of your inappropriate desires. The refrain “you’re beautiful to me” says it all, really.

This CD single also features a demo called It’s All My Fault which is okay, and the trippy Beatles-ey romp Raised In The Day Of The Rich And The Weary, which some spark of memory in the far back corner of my brain tells me was a collaboration between singer Katy Steele and her then-boyfriend, End Of Fashion lead singer Justin Burford. Don’t hold me to that, though – I can’t read the tiny print on the cover in this light!

By Shane Pinnegar

Category: Shane's Rock Challenge

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