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LIVE REVIEW: PAPA VS PRETTY with Tired Lion – Fremantle, 23 Feb 2014

| 6 March 2014 | Reply

LIVE REVIEW: PAPA VS PRETTY with Tired Lion – Fremantle, 23 Feb 2014
Mojos, Fremantle, Western Australia
Sunday February 23rd 2014
Reviewed by Star Wiggam

Pap Vs Pretty - White Deer Park cover


Simply, Tired Lion are somewhat visually reminiscent of Hole’s Courtney Love (though only very slightly) with her short 70’s denim style skirt, guitar and bruised legs, minus the bleached hair and so much more polite (zero attitude) when she said “Come on. You can come up the front. We don’t bite”.

Of course, no-one actually moved up the front… oops!

Somewhere in the midst a song dedicated to some ‘old creep’ she lived near. Something to do with their ‘communal washing line’. The suggestion I guess was some pervy old guy used to look at her knickers. Whoopy!

Whilst I am enjoying her vocals and clearly they are skilled musicians, respect was lost when she proudly introduces the next song as ‘It’s pretty mean’.

Naively spouting that she wrote the song because someone wrote a bad song about her – so it was a payback of sorts. No, not childish at all…

I couldn’t even hear what she meant by “mean” because frankly I couldn’t make out half the words, not entirely through the fault of the singer (her vocals in the live stage can be hard to make out though), from where I was standing she was a victim of a poor sound quality (you know when it’s so loud you can barely even make out what’s what through all the noise).

Too much time was spent masturbaturely tuning the guitars what seemed like every few minutes – even during songs (if you need to tune or check your tune that often during a set it’s time for new equipment or you need to find some other way to deal with your on stage fright – try chewing your nails instead!). It’s very fucking annoying to watch, particularly when you are trying to cover it with bullshit nervous nitter natter filler chit chat no-one gives a fuck about.

This shits ok for an afternoon nap. Not bad. But throw in some ass licking to the venue and we’ve got a pretty tired lion indeed. ‘Sick ass venue Mojos’ ‘Oh we’re sorry for saying ass, we love youuuu’.

All that aside, I did like the singers perky, sharply volatile, little voice and as a whole the band played well particularly considering the stand-in drummer had only ‘3 hrs to learn the songs’. Besides some occasional eyeballing direction from the bass player, you would never have known. So hats off to the drummer, if that’s the case.

An ok band as the opener for Papa vs Pretty, they seemed like a safe choice to make but the name really says it all. Tired Lion. Put the lioness-ish verbal childishness to sleep! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

“Fuck the man!”

The venue has a lot more people in it as Papa vs Pretty hit the stage, but it’s not full, which surprises me because even though I knew not much about Papa vs Pretty a lot of other people I spoke with seemed to, and it’s just so typical of Perth audiences not to jump at a chance to support & embrace themselves with the experience of an interstate band (let alone a local one). That being said the numbers were pretty good for Mojos. I would have liked to see some gyrating sardine sandwiches with the accompaniment spilling beer a-happening but tonight was not that night.

I already know they plan to sing every song from the new album ‘White Deer Park’ because Sophie from the opening band announced it during their set, so I wonder if we will get any surprises.

Mid-song Gus the bass player has a few bass strap malfunctions from the get go, which I always find entertaining in itself – that’s me done – I can now leave knowing I’ve seen an unexpected malfunction – appetite for another muso’s onstage sufferance has been nourished. Even better when they successfully make it through said malfunction.

The first few songs go by & as I knock another cold one back, I have to say I am not being wowed – but then something happens.

Humourish crowd interaction… “Fuck the man!” and BAM! Some more funny homemade references and they have my full attention.

Give Me A Reason Not To, Suburban Joan Of Arc – yeah, these songs & the ones to follow are ok. The singer has a good voice and there are some familiar sounding melodies but I’m still waiting for something to really sting me.

So the drummer has some things to say which I like and mentioned several times how much he loved WA. For the most part, it actually sounded genuine. He was lively and full of energy and this interested me.

The spirit was good and the audience members were clapping before songs were even actually finished because, it’s about RESPECT, good people. Praise and genuine enjoyment of a solid down to earth band.

Rain Check and Smother gave the atmosphere a quick air punch it sorely needed.

Shamefully they have to admit that some douche sent their albums back to Melbourne and any person who purchased the ticket/album combo would be getting it sent out to them. The bass player, Gus, who had earlier been holding his bass up with his leg during mid play hotfoots an announcement that he has everyone’s numbers and would personally call each and every person to make sure they had their copy… though we wouldn’t advise holding your breath for that.

The Roses After Dark song with piano was a sentiment stealer. The music is heartfelt and emotionally intense so if you like that kind of thing then the new album White Deer Park is the album for you! Apparently these guys culled out over 80 songs to put this album together, so they’ve worked hard.

It’s Sunday morning sleep-in or lunchtime BBQ music at its finest. With a pinch of The Cure, and a glimpse of Nirvana-ish holler, and a wisp of Radiohead and I guess they’re pretty likeable and your Papa (it seemed there was enough of them in the crowd) would probably like them too. The darkness of Nick Cave… mmmm, I’m feeling it.

Am I a fan? I wouldn’t rush out to buy the album, (it’s just my taste but frankly it’s a little too nostalgic, mild & more depressing than I would normally go for) just now, but I WOULD go to see them again and If you gave me an album I might listen to it every now and then because for the most part, they seemed like good guys who performed well and I found them entertaining. ‘Fuck the man!’

Whilst I didn’t find most of the music particularly uplifting, I did appreciate it for what it was. A few more upbeat tunes in the mix wouldn’t have gone astray – especially when they have the Sex Pistols named as an influence on their Facebook page.

Their crowd interaction involving the term ‘Fuck the man’ was engaging and something that continued throughout the whole set that everyone seemed to have fun with – though that’s the only thingabout them that I found remotely rebellish.

I do however wish everyone would stop it with the tacky, let’s walk off stage, wait for everyone to scream and holler they want more and then come back on. I thought “oh no! they aren’t are they?!”. AND they did.

‘WA’s awesome!’
‘Fuck the man!’

How could you not like these boys?!

Set List:
1. Give Me A Reason Not To
2. Suburban Joan Of Arc
3. Let It Begin
4. My Life Is Yours
5. Rain Check
6. To Do
7. Smother
8. Million Different Ways
9. Whatever Works
10. While I’m Still Young
11. Roses After Dark
12. Dementia Praecox

13. Heavy Harm
14. One of the Animals


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