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CD Review: Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt

| 20 November 2013 | Reply

Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt
October 2013
Reviewed by Melissa Harrison-Ward

Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt CD

Four years since their last album Backspacer was released, Pearl Jam are back and not disappointing with Lighting Bolt. Lyrics are what you would expect, hard hitting, soul searching and some silver lining to balance it all out. Listening to the music there is no mistaking that this is Pearl Jam.

Highlights on this album start with Getaway. The catchy single that will make for a great opener in concert. Delving into faith, spirituality and religion. The lyrics are something that people should pay mind to and not just in relation to the themes of the song. Being an age where people are more than happy to put their, often unfounded, opinions out there and onto others, it is good to have that reminder that everyone has a right to their beliefs and opinions however sometimes they are best kept to themselves.

Fans of a good mosh pit should not miss Mind Your Manners. For those heading to BDO 2014 keep an ear out for this one. With the boys pushing on in age they are certainly not showing signs of letting up any time soon. Rocking out like the devil is on their heels they can certainly teach the new generations a thing or ten! To give you some equilibrium, Sirens is a ballad that will trigger some emotion.

Infallible is a groovy little number which actually had me thinking whimsical when my two year old daughter walked into the room and announced that this song is good for spinning and twirling. What can I say? Music is for everyone and it can be great to step back and see it from another’s perspective. I will always smile when I hear this song now, and really it is quite fitting in that the lyrics speak of how apathetic we have become, that there is this sense of being infallible. It is good to just step back and enjoy and cherish those simple little things which in years to come can be huge.

I was on my feet straight away with this great blues rock number Let the Records Play. I can just see all those beer swilling guys in bars moving to this one.

A piano intro sets the tone for a beautiful song in Future Days. Upon having a little dig around the web I came across this little video from a recent concert giving a little insight into the song. Those of you with children will identify with what he says. Soon to be parents, it is quite possibly the most beautiful way of explaining the burdens of having children.



Pearl Jam….they still have it! Listening to this album now I would be willing to bet money that Eddie, Matt, Stone, Mike and Jeff are going to be giving The Rolling Stones a very good run for their money in terms of longevity. These days in where a person can fart and become a “rock star”, we can have faith in bands like Pearl Jam and that they will keep it real and keep on rocking for, hopefully, decades to come.


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