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| 28 October 2023 | Reply

Label: 3Cheers (Independent)

Release Date: September 14, 2023

Rating: 86%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Luna Aura dropped a cool EP mid September and these five tracks give us a cool glimpse into her artistry as well as her influences.  Disc opener “Money Bag” has a sweet garage band sound wrapped around her fuzzed guitar sound and in your face vocals.  The overall vibe of the track is a great starting point for the short disc and helps give us an insight to what we might expect.  Be sure to catch the cool solo and instrumentation over the bridge.  “Lost In The Fiction” kicks off with that same guitar sound, but vocals that are more forward in the mix giving us a better listen to the core of her voice and delivery.  The song grows sonically during the verse and morphs at the chorus, but the different textures play well against each other.  The different layers of vocals on the chorus have a Garbage feel to them that bodes well for Luna.  “Candy Colored Daydream” builds on the sound and vibe of the previous track, but does so without sounding repetitive.  While the overall groove is the same, there is something woven into the track that helps it stand on its own.  The guitar work is cool and has sum fun chugging components entwined with the solos and runs.  “Blind” is a completely different track sonically and it works in the context of this short collection.  I love the lush tones of the lead vocal buried in the verse as Aura gives us a great listen to her vocal without musical interruption or twisting via synths and other studio hardware.  This is a cool track that stands out to me the most of the five.  Disc closer “Cut And Run” swirls a stripped back vocal with a very Nirvana-like guitar line through the opening and verse before the fuzzy lead vocal and layered instrumentation kicks in on the chorus.  The overall vibe is cool and takes the disc to the end as it began.

Tracklisting: Money Bag – Lost In The Fiction – Candy Colored Daydream – Blind – Cut And Run






Category: CD Reviews

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