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| 19 October 2013 | Reply

Label: Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Tigertailz - Knives EP

Tigertailz, now featuring lead guitarist Jay Pepper as the only remaining original member alongside bassist Rob Wylde, Jules Millis on lead vocals and Mathew Blakout pounding the skins, deliver a confident and catchy five track EP in Knives.

Opening with a spoken intro poo-pooing the old adage that “the eyes are the windows of the soul”, Millis acts suitably drama queening when he poutingly sneers, “Bullshit – if you really wanna see people’s souls, check out their shoes!”

Shoe Collection is a fun homage to their cross dressing, glammed up, Noo Yawk Dolls on the dole heritage.

One Life couldn’t be more of a contrast – a power ballad with a social message that rails against political oppression, hammering the point home with a sample of Ronald Reagan at his dishonest warmongering worst. It’s a great song and really shows that these guys are more than tongue in cheek wannabees.

Mind you, they don’t want to stay too serious for long, so next song Bite The Hand sees the pace lifted dramatically and calls for ‘One more drink/ one more shot” set the controls for the heart of the party once more.

Spit It Out is another high octane rocker (don’t be crass – it’s about saying what’s on your mind!), but the jewel in the crown is the chrome riffing Punched In The Gutz, which features a gang-vocal chorus of “B – A – S – T – A – R – D – BASTARD/ I’ve been punched in the gutz/ I’ve been kicked in the nutz” as addictive as Crack and a helluva lot better for the soul.

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