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Movie – THE HEAT

| 25 July 2013 | Reply

Starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

The Heat movie poster Australia

To read some reviews of THE HEAT, the latest movie from director Paul Feig featuring his Bridesmaids breakout star Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, you’d think the reviewers were anticipating that this buddy cop film was meant to be an existential piece of cinema verite.

This is a buddy cop movie, plain and simple, and the odd couple feature McCarthy’s Mullins, a foul mouthed and aggressive slob street cop, and Bullock’s Ashburn, an uptight FBI agent who has zero social skills and a knack for pissing as many people off as cases she closes.

McCarthy cracks gross-out jokes almost non-stop, while Bullock does a fine job as the straight person, only letting herself go a little zany towards the end of the film.

Sure, it draws on every cliché of every buddy cop movie ever, but that’s the point: this movie is all about what the stars do with it – Bullock as the super uptight agent, McCarthy as the OTT chick, and it makes a nice change from formula buddy cops who are always guys.

There’s nothing ‘high art’ about THE HEAT, but it’s full of fun, if sometimes crass, improvised humour, and lots of laughs. It must be doing something right too, as Hollywierd has just green lit The Heat 2.


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