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| 16 December 2014 | Reply


Label: ear Music / Eagle Rock Entertainment

Release Date: November 24, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

You would be shocked with the eclectic mix of things that make their way to a reviewers inbox.  Every once in a while something different and fresh hits the wire and demands attention, even though it may not be the normal fare.  The latest from The Brand New Heavies definitely fits into that category.  Opening track “Sweet Freeek” kicks the disc off with a cool funk groove that sets the pattern and course for the rest of the disc.  The music instantly takes you back to the 1970’s and the groove filled sounds of a generation.  A funkified version of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” follows the opener and the vocals courtesy of Dawn Joseph are superb on this cover.  Although the arrangement is almost identical to the original track, the musical accompaniment adds punch to the track.  “Bring The Rain” falls into a groove that, while similar to the other tracks on the disc, doesn’t seem to rise to the top like others here.  “Pleased To Meet Ya” gives us cool keyboards and bass that anchor the track while the brass section adds highlights throughout the song.  Featuring a slower tempo than others on the disc, this song builds slightly between the verses, chorus, and bridge.  “We Live For The Summer” is a feel good song that adds depth to the bands writing, with lead and background vocals that inject fun to the track.  The keyboards and horns lift the energy and complete this track.

“In The Name Of Love” features horn sounds and a great percussion back beat that begs to find its way to a dance floor.  The mix of vocals, with the bass and guitars is the perfect blend of talent and energy and lifts this song.  “95 Tonight” kicks off a bit mellow compared to other tracks on the disc and features a male co-lead vocal that gives the song an edge not found on other songs.  “Get On” is the lost 1970’s funk/dance track and features sounds and vocals that combine to create magic.  The drums and bass move the tune nicely while the guitars and keyboards jump in and lift the songs vibe and deepen its groove.  “Self Portrait” has a sexy groove underneath that is reminiscent of older funk and disco tracks, adding a nostalgic feel to the disc and song.  The song loses a bit of its magic and drive as it nears the end.  “You Are The Fire” is a groove laden track that keeps the funk feel of the disc intact, also supplying a great percussion line and back beat from the drums.  Disc closer “Don’t Let Go” opens slowly and builds into a cool groove that adds dimension to the bands sound and delivery.  The drums lead the way, quickly joined by the lead vocals and guitar noodlings.  This song nicely wraps the different components of the earlier tracks and delivers the perfect book end to the collection.





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