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THE POODLES – Tour De Force


Label: Frontiers Records

Release Date: May 21, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

 There seems to be a run on 80’s style rock being tuned up and given a 21st century shine lately.  The Poodles have thrown their hats in the ring as well.  “Misery Loves Company” is the opening track and it carries the glam rock torch quite well.  The guitars are big and the choruses bigger.  This is a great track that well represents the effort.  “Shut Up!” opens with a cool guitar riff, but the song morphs and becomes another rocker that keeps the glam theme moving.  The chorus is fun and the vocals are more than adequate.  “Happily Ever After” is another great track, but this one leans heavier on the melodic rock sound, which suits me perfectly.  The vocals are strong and keep the rest of the track in line.  The guitars are solid, but not overbearing.  This is one of the stronger tracks on the disc.  “Viva Democracy” adds a hint of modern rock to the mix and even a bit of an industrial feel.  The vocals are a bit different from the other tracks here, but it adds depth instead of detracting.  The rhythm section is solid on this track and keeps the song anchored.  “Going Down” takes us back into melodic/glam territory.  The vocals are full of killer arena style screams.  The chorus isn’t very anthemic, but it fits well with the rest of the track.  The guitar work is a little more furious and forward on this song.  “Leaving The Past To Pass” is the first song that slows the pace of the disc down.  The vocals duet nicely with the guitars and build into great track without turning into a head-banging tune.  The vocal layering is well done and the song really stands out.  “40 Days And 40 Nights” has a different feel to it without deviating from the groove of the disc.  The song has key ingredients of a glam track, without all the bells and whistles.

“Kings & Fools” has a very Whitesnake-ish sound to it.  The guitar work is great on this song as is the layering and background vocals.  The bass line also stands out during the breakdowns and choruses.  This track adds again to the sound of the band.  “Miracle” opens with the same feel as the last track, but the vocals soon stand on their own and drive the track.  The guitars follow suit and help the song move along.  Drums and bass combine to build a solid rhythm foundation for the track.  “Godspeed” puts another modern rock touch on the disc.  The guitars, while soaring in parts, are grounded and keep the song moving.  The bass and drums are the real stars on this track, as they are allowed to help the vibe of the track, until the chorus that is.  The vocals are strong and give the song the edge it needs to step above other songs.  The chorus is big and contrasts the rest of the track nicely.  “Now Is The Time” brings us back to 1986, in spirit any way.  The vocals mix well with the guitars and build a really good song that almost creams to be played live.  The background vocals add a nice twist to the track that hasn’t been on most of the other tracks.  “Only Just Begun” has a cool sound that really adds another dimension to the disc, while bringing it to a close.  The song has a tribal feel that grows through the verse and seems to take on a new life when the vocals kick in.  The track has a big chorus that helps tie it to the rest of the tracks.  Do yourself a favor and pick up the physical edition of the disc for the bonus track.

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