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INTERVIEW – Chris Wyse of The Cult and Owl, July 2013

| 26 July 2013 | Reply

chris live - andy buchanan

The Cult have announced they are touring to promote a new release Electric Peace, performing the album Electric in its entirety.  Bassist Chris Wyse, who is also busy with his other band Owl, agreed to share some thoughts regarding The Cult and Owl as the tours began.  Can’t wait to hear this album and listen to Chris bring his rhythm section magic to these tracks.

Toddstar: If it is okay, I would love to jump right into discussing your upcoming tour and impending 2014 release with The Cult.  What can you tell us about the Electric 13 tour?

Chris: This will be the best Cult tour yet featuring the amazing landmark record “Electric”. We will play the record from top to bottom. There will be a second set featuring songs from the entire Cult catalog including 2012’s “Choice of Weapon.”

ToddStar: How deep into the catalog will the band get in culling songs for the diehards?  There are songs that will always need to be played to keep the masses happy, but to keep the band happy are there any songs that are being dusted off?  If a set list of Cult classics were left to you, are there any personal favorites that don’t often see the light of day that you would like to help bring to life?

Chris:  I’m digging playing “Aphrodisiac Jacket,” it’s my new favorite track.  I liked playing “Brother Wolf Sister” back in ’06. I played bowed upright bass and it was really special. That would be a top pick too. We will be touching on most of the records on the tour, so there’s something for everyone.

ToddStar: Rumor has it new music is being readied for release in 2014.  Anything you can tell us about that or how far into the process everything is?  Is this going to be an extension of the latest release ‘Choice of Weapon’ or something in a different direction?

The Cult

Chris:  Well for now I can tell you that Ian and Billy are working on song ideas and there is something brewing up for sure.

ToddStar: Any other Cult items you care to share with us before we move over to Owl?

Chris:  It just feels great to be back out on the road. I’m excited!

ToddStar: Owl recently released their sophomore disc – ‘The Right Thing’ – in April.  What can you tell us about the disc that someone may not pick up on after a couple listens through?

Chris:  Owl is a power trio and we get into some musical journeys that are a little different. I sing and often play upright bass. I effect my bass and mix traditional with modern In my songwriting and style. Sometimes at live shows people are surprised where the sounds come from. It is songwriting craft-meets art.

ToddStar: There are several strong tracks on the disc (I personally love “All Day,” “Perfect,” and the Kinks cover “Destroyer.”)  Now that the disc has been out a little while, do you find yourself gravitating back to certain tracks?

Chris:  Thanks! I’m glad your digging it. Right now my favorite is “Give”. It has the emotion and musical essence that really moves me.

ToddStar: We often hear an artist mention a song that wrote itself.  Did any of these songs seem to write themselves?

Chris:  “Perfect” wrote it self. It is a pretty song based on three chords that has mystical qualities.

ToddStar: If you had to describe the sound of Owl to someone who has never heard of you, how would you do that?

Chris:  An alternative power trio with catchy songs and an innovative approach. We are both heavy and beautiful sounding.

ToddStar: If you had to pick possible pairings for an ideal tour, what other bands would you like to see Owl out on the road with?

Owl photo

Chris:  Queens of the Stone Age. Alice In Chains. Jane’s Addiction. Vintage Trouble.  I really like Vintage Trouble. They rock right out of the gate with a vintage flair.

ToddStar: What is next for the band? Is there going to be a big tour cycle surrounding The Right Thing?

Chris:  We will be doing special performances in NYC and LA on Cult breaks as well as a couple video releases and live show releases to keep “The Right Thing” moment up all year. There is also new music coming for Owl fans in 2014.

ToddStar: Do you find any of the other arts affect your music or the way you approach writing, recording, or playing live with Owl?

Chris:  Yes, definitely visual art and videos are influences.

ToddStar: Are there any bands that are currently releasing music or touring that influence you personally or professionally?  What is the last CD/mp3 album you listened to?

Chris:  I like new Queens of the Stone Age a lot. I’ve been listening to it over and over.

ToddStar: If there were one piece of music in the history of time that you wish you had written, what would it be and why?

Chris:  “My Way” by Frank Sinatra because that’s what life is about.

ToddStar: What is the meaning of life?

Chris:  Believe in love and magic.

ToddStar: Other than making sure everyone checks out your website and Facebook page, are there any other current projects or sites you would like to promote?

Chris:  Check out Dan Dinsmore of Owl’s company Just amazing!

ToddStar: Thanks again for taking the time and we look forward to more Owl in 2013 and beyond!!!

Chris:  Thanks so much for checking out “The Right Thing”!

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