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LOUNA – Behind A Mask

| 30 March 2013 | Reply


Label: Red Decade Records and MEG/RED

Release Date: April 30, 2013

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I enjoy getting new music.  It is even better when it’s really good music.  Russian rockers Louna are unleashing a disc soon on the rest of the world, and they are going to make a mark with this one.  “System Destroys” starts the disc off and it kicks the doors off the hinges.  The music transitions between rock and metal easily and seamlessly.  The vocals are excellent and well paired with the guitars.  The song has a cool feel to it that oozes rock.  “Fight Club” keeps the energy and tempo up.  This rocker comes out swinging with a great groove that gets the blood pumping and head banging.  The vocals are strong, the guitars rocking, and the rhythm section is pounding.  This is another great track.  “Business” keeps everything on track.  This song features some cool vocals that sit well in the mix with the guitars, bass, and drums.  The shifts in tempo keep it interesting, but doesn’t suffer at all due to the changes.  “My Rock N Roll” is the song that will help you recall what you have loved about rock and roll from the beginning.  The lyrics are strong and memory evoking while the music helps guide you on the journey with great riffs and fills.  “Lets Get Louder” has a great vibe that gets your attention fast and catchy chorus that keeps it.  The guitar work is good, but the drums really stand out on this track.  The bass adds depth to the track.

“Up There” is a solid rock track from top to bottom.  The drum intro along with the chugging guitar, guitar riffs, and bass provide a solid opening.  The vocals kick in and the song seems to take off.  The song takes on a life of its own when it transitions from verse to chorus and during the bridge.  This is one of my favorites on the disc.  “The End Of Peace” opens with a vocal piece that instantly sets the pace for the track.  Once the guitars join in, the song morphs into another great song.  This disc gets better with each track.  The vocals here are strong without being overly aggressive.  “Storming Heaven” uses more chugging guitar, but plays it well against the vocals.  The song begins bland, but is soon a real rocker with a ton of cool guitar riff goodness buried deep within the chorus.  The vocals are restrained during the verse, but watch out when the chorus kicks in.  “Mama” is a cool track based on all the references to rock musicians that have come before this moment, whether considered legends or not.  The guitar intro adds to the track, but not as much as the vocal that opens the track.  It is cool to hear the band refer to their own past influences.  This has a cool groove that keeps everything connected from opening note to the close.  “Inside” opens a little subdued compared to most of the tracks on this disc, but there is something heavy about the intro that keeps this song rooted in metal, regardless of the acoustic guitars playing underneath the chorus.  It is cool to see such a departure from the hard rock retain its metal flavor.

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