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MONGREL – Reclamation

| 14 February 2013 | Reply


Label: Ais

Release Date: February 12, 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Punk rock never really carved out a soft spot in my heart, but I will listen if it is playing.  Mix a little thrash or metal in the mix and I will take it for at least a couple spins.  After a recommendation, reading press releases, and a few reviews online, I decide it is worth the time to check this disc out.  “Bored To Death” opens the disc and gives you all it has to offer.  The vocals are raspy and rocking, along with the killer riffs and guitar work.  The lyrics are fun and show that this band doesn’t take themselves too seriously.  “Pseudocide” is a total punk song.  The drums and bass lead the charge with the fast tempo while the vocals and guitars jump on board for the quick ride.  “Fuck Off And Die” slows the pace a little and adds more of the rock groove to the mix.  The guitars chug along and add a little depth to the track.  The vocals are spot on and match the intensity of the lyrics and title.  “Zombies Of War” is one of the longer tracks on the disc and feature a cool guitar and bass line from beginning to end.  The drums are played well and keep this track moving.  The song seems to slow way down, but once the vocals jump in, you understand why.  The tempo aids in telling the story.  “More I Bleed” brings the punk flare back without forgetting the rock component.  The vocals move from rock to thrash to punk and back again.  “Tarnished Halo” takes on the form of a mellow rock guitar lick and groove until the drums and bass kick in and dial the energy level up.  This track, like most of the disc, get the foot tapping.

“C & 1/2” isn’t about money or a grade in school.  This is what happens when you take a cool punk riff, pissed off female vocalist, and the least popular word used to describe a woman’s sex organ.  This rocker makes no apologies from start to finish.  “Crucifiction” has a guitar riff that opens the track drives the song, while the drums and bass keep the song track on course.  “Revisionist” totally changes up on you.  The introduction has some cool guitar work that adds a little dimension to the disc.  The groove is soon replaced with punk attitude and thrash sensibility.  The result is one of the better tracks on the disc.  The vocals are clean and the drum fills are plenty.  “Stillborn Savior” opens with a fun riff and tempo that keep you guessing which way the track is going, until the drums gain momentum and the vocals kick in like a charging bull.  “Wake Up” starts of with a different sound of any track on the disc, but soon we are struck with a metal track that has more of a 70’s classic vibe to it that any of the other tracks here.  The chorus is bigger than previous track dues to some layered background vocals.  “No Gods No Masters” closes the disc much the same way the disc was opened – rocking.  This punk rock track is all killer and no filler, including the lyrics.  The chorus is full of ‘Fuck You’s’ and a cool guitar solo is dropped in teh middle of the track as well.  Thanks for the recommendation Tom.

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