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CRASH STREET KIDS – Sweet Creatures

| 3 September 2012 | Reply

Head First Entertainment, 2012

By Shane Pinnegar

Flouncing out of the Arizona desert with a studied insouciance and a Mott The Hoople sensibility come The Crash Street Kids with their fourth album “Sweet Creatures”.

Exhibiting the same ability to tie up a story about seedy rock characters (to quote their press, the album is conceptually about “two runaways that find each other on the street, and form a “Bonnie-and-Clyde” bond. Living together under the dark of night, they learn to survive by any means possible. In love with the danger, but in debt to their pimp, they blur the line between real love and “love-for-a- living.” Along their journey they encounter all that the city’s underbelly has to offer, including drug pushers, fellow prostitutes, transvestites, and more….”) as Ian Hunter, and a willingness to paint their sleaze rock tales on a broad palate.

The album boasts influences as diverse as T-Rex and The Rolling Stones, Bowie and Sweet, ‘Third Avenue Vampires’ sees them unafraid to tread in the footsteps of The Beatles while ‘Mary Queen Of Rock’ is a horn laden homage to Mott.

‘I Become Death’ is sleaze rock graced ever so lightly by a goth touch, and ‘Harlot Of The Flies’ belies early Alice Cooper influences and – like the whole album – a sumptuous production and great sound, but it’s the song writing and the adventurous musicianship which are the real drawcards here.

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