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BUCKCHERRY – Confessions

| 21 February 2013 | Reply


Label: Century Media

Release Date: February 19, 2013

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

There are few bands that get me excited when they start talking new release.  Buckcherry is one of them.  I couldn’t wait to listen to this disc and discover more classic tracks that will forever be on my personal playlist.    The album is rooted in the Seven Deadly Sins and a story line lead vocalist Josh Todd wrote.  “Gluttony” was chosen as the lead single from the disc.  One listen through and you instantly know why.  The lyrics are cool as hell, but the music is quintessential Buckcherry and the vocals are awesome.  There is something about Josh’s vocals that instantly gives the music rock credibility.  The song came off well live when I saw them back in December and will most likely be a live staple for years to come.  “Wrath” is next and features some great guitar work from Keith Nelson and Stevie D.  The riffs are tight, subtle, and keep the song moving.  The vocals are typical Buckcherry fare and enhance the track, especially during the chorus and bridge.  “Nothing Left But Tears” opens like a ballad or slow rocker, but soon Xavier and his drums let you know this is all rock.  The drums may lead the charge, but make no mistake, the vocals drive the song and keep the energy up.  The guitar solo is well played, without being in your face.  “The Truth” comes along and is reminiscent of other ballad-type tracks the band has previously released.  The chorus is catchy and will go over well if played live.  Even the slow tempo tracks are played well and rock, in their own way.  “Greed” follows and you are instantly aware of Jimmy “Two Fingers” Ashhurst’s contribution to the track, as the bass line is front and center.  The track has a cool vibe that follows the pace of the rest of the record.  “Water” comes along and keeps the energy level up, without being a full out rocker.  The pounding drums along with the vocals keep this one rocking along.


“Seven Ways To Die” has a different feel from the intro to the verse.  The song features more cool guitar from Nelson and Stevie, while Ashhurst fills the void with his bass prowess.  The lyrics neatly tie the theme of the disc together, while the music adds a funk feel to the song.  “Air” returns us to the classic Buckcherry sound.  The vocals mixed with the familiar dual guitar sound drive this track while the rhythm section does their job anchors this track.  “Sloth” brings the tempo to a halt and features some cool piano on the intro.  This track features a very bluesy groove throughout the song.  The vocals actually allow you to feel the emotion in Josh’s voice.  This voice is one of the most recognizable in rock today and this song demonstrates why.  “Pride” brings another dimension to the Buckcherry sound.  This song features a different style vocal and structure, but not something that doesn’t fit.  The slide guitar in the track fits the song while showing yet another facet of the talent this band has.  “Envy” has that sound most fans of the band have come to love, with a few tempo changes thrown in to keep you guessing.  The drums really keep the song flowing, while the chugging guitars add depth to the track.  The chorus is cleverly paced to accentuate the playing underneath the vocals.  “Lust” represents the final sin referenced on the disc.  This music and tempo of this track perfectly match the title – this is hands down the sexiest tune on the album.  The bass line and drums fill the track with a sexy funk groove, while the guitars and vocals seal everything up nicely.  “Dreamin’ of You” closes the disc with a nice slow tempo track that features a beautiful arrangement that includes an acoustic guitar and strings.  This is unlike almost every Buckcherry track, but it fits perfectly on this disc and in their repertoire.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the Deluxe Edition and the bonus tracks to see what else the band has waiting for us.

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