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ADELAINE – Currents

| 27 February 2013 | Reply

image001 Label: Mosaic Artistry Group

Release Date: April 30, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I get so many requests to listen to artists I have never heard of before.  Usually a song or two in I know if I am going to listen to the disc a second time and give it the fair attention it may deserve.  That was the case with the latest from Adelaine.  “Two Cents” opens the disc and immediately we are hit with the rock component mixed with pop sensibility and vocals that make the track.  This song is a good lead-off for the disc and prepares you for what is to follow.  “Tug of War” is next and has a lot of the same components that made the previous track good.  The vocals on this one stand out a little more from the mix, but the guitars and drums are certainly not drowned out in the arrangement.  “Square One” follows and has a bit slower tempo, but this is no ballad.  The song follows the trend of the rest of the disc with a mellower chorus and bridge.  “Bad Blood” picks the pace back up and keeps the energy high.  The further into the disc I get ,the more I like it.  The female vocals offset the guitars and keep this from running away from the pop and being drowned by guitars and uptempo percussion.  “We’ve Got it Now” has a cool guitar intro that sets the pace for the song.  The vocals and guitar duet nicely during the verse and keeps things interesting through the chorus and bridge.  “Antidote” is more of the same great music that is heavier than pop, but not metal.  The vocals are key to keeping this light.  The rhythm section helps drive the song, with a faint bass line and solid drumming that has time changes and cool fills.

“I Once Knew” features a cool intro of drums, guitar and vocals that demonstrate how well the band and its different textures and sound sblend well on this and other tracks on this disc.  “Every Once in a While” has a completely different sound and feel musically from teh rest of the disc.  It has the same vibe, it just seems to step back and play if safe and simple.  The vocals help keep the song cohesive with the rest of the disc.  This is a great ballad, without sounding like the typical ballad.  “Let Go” brinks the power pop back.  This is genuinely good pop punk.  The guitar riffs are simple, but impactful.  The drums and bass keep this song chugging along and add depth to the track.  “Trail Blazer” has a cool intro that smacks of anthem.  The rhythmic drums with the fretwork creates a big feel and sound.  Once the vocals kick in, the song seems to grow.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc.  “Out of Line” has all the components of a great power pop song.  The guitars move seemlessly from chugging to riffing.  The solos and fills are fun and keep the track from becoming mundane.  The vocals are also constantly moving on this track, which adds to teh song.  “Home” closes the disc in odd fashion.  The song is a full blown ballad featuring piano and strings, but it works in this case.  This is the most pleasant surprise on the disc.  This track is light, but doesn’t remov ethe punch from the rest of the disc.

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