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| 18 July 2013 | 1 Reply

Label: Ranka Kustannus
Released 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Los Bastardos Finlandeses - Day Of The Dead CD

Los Bastardos Finlandeses prove that rock n’ roll can be catchy and melodic at the same time as loud and dangerous on their debut record Day Of The Dead.

El Taff Bastardo, lead singer of Los Bastardos Finlandais, is a hulking grizzly bear of a man with a Keef meets Lemmy rasp and a Sons Of Anarchy face – but don’t dive into Day Of The Dead expecting Satanic biker metal or any such thing: these bastardos play the best goddam barroom boogie and rock you’ve heard in ages.

Day Of The Dead features eleven tracks of singalonga-drunken pub rock, Finnish bastardo style. El Taff and his bastardos in crime – El Bastardo Grande, El Gringo and Don Osmo (No, I don’t think it’s even supposed to make sense) – deliver great songs one after another that never outstay their welcome.

Rocket Science features an insistent riff with an instantly lovable chorus, and The Day Of The Dead could be Motorhead covering Bob Seger, if Seger was mainlining tequila mojitos til the calendar blurred out. You Can’t is a positive affirmation that would make Angry Anderson proud, End Of The Empire could be a slide-metal Motorhead, and Last Call For Rock N Roll closes out with another anthemic rocker that will remind you of the last time you fell off a bar stool singing along to your favourite hair metal band.

These bastardos aren’t going away til you sit up and listen to them, so it’s lucky that they make such a catchy and irresistible noise.

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  1. Ian Andrews says:

    This is not their debut ….. but their 5th album !!!! Probably the best

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