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TRINAKRIUS to Release Seven Songs of Seven Sins April 9th on End of the Light Records

| 27 February 2013 | Reply


The TRINAKRIUS project, was formed in Palermo in 1995. In 1996 we recorded our first demo tape entitled “Intrinakrius”. It received quite good reviews in several heavy metal magazines, but despite the reasonable success and numerous performances in local pubs, we split up at the end of the same year. During the six years pause we all had our own musical experiences in some other bands (e.g. Holy Knights,Acacia, Synthesys, Black Twilight, and others). After this break TRINAKRIUS reunited in 2002 and published the “Inquisantism” mini concept, whereby the band signed its first contract with the Italian label “Doom Symphony” and shortly after the first official LP titled “Sancta Inquisitio”. The band was in July 2006 contacted to play to the “Headbangers Open Air” festival in Hamburg, and during this event we presented our music to an international audience and expanded our sales of the album. After such a wonderful experience we immediately started working on our new album and we produced a three songs promo CD. Unfortunately our singer had to quit because of personal reasons and left the band.

Then entered Flavio Rezza as new singer and in April 2007 the band went another time to Germany for the “Kutten4ever Festival”. After the return to Italy an Austrian label ” Psychedoomelic Records” offered to re-release the first self-produced album “Inquisantism” and was confirmed for the ” UP THE HAMMERS FESTIVAL” in April 2008 (Athens – Greece). During the whole summer TRINAKRIUS worked in the studio on the new album preproduction ” THE BLACK HOLE MIND” which was recorded in December 2007 and released via the German Hellion Records label in autumn 2008. The CD was released in the month of November of the same year, and received very good reviews all over Europe. Shortly after a new bass player, Flavio Russo, joined the band. In may 2009 the group is included in the Jolly Roger Fest, and in July the band starts a short tour consisting of three German dates. After coming back from tour, the band signs a contract with Jolly Roger Records for the reprinting of their first demo with the title “Intrinakrius”, first released in 1996. The band joins the Hangar 18 Studios in the month of November for the new album “Massacro”, released in first 2010, followed by a contract for a short tour in JAPAN for 3 gigs in March – 6 / 8 / 9 / – 2010, and date in Malta in July.

After a two years pause, the band added a second guitarist (Emanuele “Izzy” Bonura) to compose the new album, and undergoes two formation changes: Flavio Rezza and Flavio Russo left the band and were replaced by Fabio Sparacello on vocals and Francesco Rubino on bass, the historical guitarist Francesco Chiazzese for personal reasons left the band before the official recording and shortly afterwards permanently enter Alessio Romeo in order to add keyboards and make the new album more atomosferic. Finally the new job is ready to be heard by the label of the worldwide Heavy Metal industry.

Seven Songs of Seven Sins Tracklisting:

1. Pride (I am the one)

2. Sloth (Shelve and delay)

3. Envy (Evil Eye)

4. Gluttony (Anorexia)

5. Lust (Sex Humanity)

6. Greed (All mine)

7. Ira (L’oscura ascesa)

8. Die for my sins (Sanctuary cover)


Fabio Sparacello – Vocals

Emanuele ” Izzy” Bonura – Guitars

Claudio Florio – Drums & Growl Vocals

Alessio Romeo – Keyboards

Francesco Rubino – Bass

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