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BOOK REVIEW: Leilong the Library Bus by Julia Liu & Bei Lynn

| 17 August 2021 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Leilong the Library Bus by Julia Liu & Bei Lynn

Gecko Press
July 2021
Paperback $16.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Children’s Picture Books

65% Rocking


A library-loving picture book in which an enthusiastic dinosaur absorbed in storytime threatens to flatten the library—until the children decide to take the books outdoors

The children are late for storytime at the library. Ever helpful, Lei the enthusiastic dinosaur can get them there one time! Lei’s small head is the only part of him that fits so he must listen through the window. But he gets so excited by the story, he starts to shake the building. Lei’s love of stories risks destroying the library until the children decide to take the books outdoors. This library-loving picture book reminds us how it feels to be transported by story. And what first seems a problem for Lei the dinosaur becomes a triumph.



There are many messages here to love.

It’s a book about a dinosaur who’s too big and boisterous to go to the library, and about him being shunned and left out, until the people keeping him out realise the error in their thinking; books should be for all to enjoy and share.

The library manager races upstairs.
He looks at Leilong. He sees the mess.
“Dinosaurs are too big and boisterous for libraries!” he says. “And besides, you don’t have a library card!”
“But Leilong’s not dangerous,” says Max.
“He was caught up in the story.”
“He forgets how big he is,” adds Mo.
The manager shakes his head. “That’s my point. And rules are rules.”

Even if you might sometimes forget how big you are and can be a bit clumsy, the library is there for you, too.


There’s something in this book that stops this from being a rave review, despite the dinosaur, the library setting, and the themes of inclusivity. Maybe it’s the insistence on needing to have a library card in order to even enter the building, which gives the impression that libraries are only safe spaces to card-carrying members.

But it’s still a very sweet book for the dinosaur-lovers in your family.


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