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| 29 January 2013 | Reply

Cleopatra records

Los Angeles, CA…Cleopatra Records has obtained the complete catalogue of San Francisco-based punk label, New Red Archives. On this new imprint, Anti-Flag, Christ on a Crutch, and Ultraman will be the first artists released in 2013.

New Red Archives was founded in 1987, and was first known for releasing punk and hardcore records on colored vinyl. While most of the roster was west coast-based (including The Badtown Boys, Dead Lazlo’s Place, and Samiam), the label reached west of the Mississippi as well to support underground bands like Kraut and Reagan Youth. With all of Cleopatra’s rereleases of New Red Archives records, the material will remain untouched and in its original sound.

On February 12, Anti-Flag’s politically-charged 1996 album, DIE FOR THE GOVERNMENT, will drop. The 17-track digipak features blistering anthems such as “You’ve Got To Die For The Government,” “Red, White And Brainwashed,” and “Police State In The USA.”

Two other limited edition classic hardcore records have just been released. SPREAD YOUR FILTH: THE DOUGHNUT AND BOURBON YEARS from Christ on a Crutch is a rarity from the D.C.-founded and Seattle-based band, known for playing shows that ended with a lot of destruction. Bassist Nate Mendel later went on to Sunny Day Real Estate and Foo Fighters. SPREAD YOUR FILTH includes “A Pillar Of Our Society” and “Food For Thought.”

THE CONSTANT WEIGHT OF ZERO is the final album by St. Louis-based hardcore band Ultraman. Ultraman toured the United States on several album releases from the late 1980s to mid-1990 with Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Milkmen, and more. A special bonus EP comes with THE CONSTANT WEIGHT OF ZERO, with recordings by Ultraman offshoot Krissy Fit and live videos.

Also out now is a limited edition 3 CD set of essential hardcore punk tracks, HARDCORE BREAKOUT 1,2,3… With more than 75 tracks, this epic collection features some of New Red Archives best – Jawbreaker, No Use For A Name, U.K. Subs, Samiam, Kraut, Hogan’s Heroes, and many more.

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