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DORO – Under My Skin: A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics

| 7 November 2012 | Reply

Label: AFM Records

Release Date: August 14, 2012

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

It seems there are several greatest hits packages dropping this year, along with live compilations.  Normally I am not one to review these, as all the tracks should be great and the production should be top notch, so what is there to review?  Well, when it comes to Doro, she is a legend, but a legend that I haven’t collected.  This collection gave me the opportunity to get the best of the best in one stop.  Only one problem, it didn’t stop there.  She has a new disc dropping later this month in the US and she has a back catalog that I am now on the hunt for.

The re-recorded “All We Are” starts this set off properly.  This is seemingly the title track for the heavy metal movement.  Even if you don’t know or appreciate Doro, there is something about this song that screams out to you.  There are other tracks re-recorded here, but with a twist.  They are performed by Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra.  The revamped versions seem to breath a new life into tracks like “I Rule The Ruins” and “Love Me In Black.” I love symphonic metal, but this is different – it is almost metallic symphony.  There are other remakes, like the acoustic “Rare Diamond” or the remade “She’s Like Thunder.”

There are several songs on this collection that I had never heard before.  Like any true greatest hits package, this contains a ton of metal that is sure to please the heaviest of metallers.  The packaging is strong and they included three videos for good measure.  If you love Doro, you are going to want this one for the bonus material alone.  If you don’t have Doro in your collection, here is the best place to start.

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