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ONE THOUSAND YEARS – This Is How The Zombies Take Control/Demoness [single]

| 19 October 2012 | Reply

Self released
Date: October 2012
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

When a CD hits my desk with a blood splattered hand on the front, and the word “Zombies” in the title, I’m afraid that I’m about jaded enough to assume it’ll be just another death metal band hyper from sniffing glue and featuring those wonderful cookie monster vocals that our Mums think we actually listen to.

Accordingly, this has sat on my desk for two weeks without a spin – more fool me!

What we got here, ladies n’ gentlemens, is blues rock of the finest order.

This Is How The Zombies Take Control rolls more than rocks, with a seriously cool riff, a neat breakdown in the latter half, and more groove than rock songs can normally handle.

Demoness follows the same style – killer heavy blues rock riff, enormous groove, dark lyrics that make you wonder if they’re slyly covering a death metal song in a blues rock style.  It works more and more with each listen.

The CD launch is October 26th at The Norfolk Basement in Fremantle with Palatial Digs and Cult Of Addiction.

And finally – a word to the wise – this is the best goddamn promo pack ever!  Clever marketing always helps the cause!  Bravo.

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