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Interview – Kevin Curran, Hailmary November 2012

| 23 November 2012 | Reply

By Shane Pinnegar

Originally published in Xpress magazine – HERE

Hailmary – Kevin Curran 2nd from right


Hiya Kev – thanks for taking the time out to talk with us today!  Firstly, the new album sounds fantastic – how do you and the band feel about it?

“Cheers, well to start with it’s been a long process making this album so we have heard these songs a gazillion times so we don’t know what we are hearing anymore haha, but in all honesty when we got it back and listened to it to first time mastered we had a great sense of pride in what we done and I think we have made a solid album”

You decamped to America to record the album with Jeff Tomei at Cock of the Walk studio in Atlanta. What can they do there that you couldn’t have captured at a studio here in Australia?

“I just think working with a guy the calibre of Jeff Tomei is an experience in itself and listening to our record I think has a certain shine to it that sets us apart from sounding like just another Perth band.”

Tomei has worked with Alice In Chains, AIC main man Jerry Cantrell and Smashing Pumpkins. You already have a reputation for an Alice In Chains-influenced, post grunge sound – was working with someone already linked to that style risking typecasting to a certain extent, or is that a sound you wanted to explore further?

“We are always going to get the comparisons to the early 90’s stuff no matter what, I think we have tapped into another side of our sound on this record at times especially with a track like “Yellow Light Of Death” which is bordering on metal, early indications from what we are writing currently we are swaying towards this kind of heavier aggressive side.”

What struck me about the album was that although there are a couple of tracks that are obviously reminiscent of the sound on your EPs, overall it sounds radically different – your vocals and song writing especially. How do you feel the band, and yourself, have grown over the past couple of years?

“Yeah I think we have finally got our sound down with this record, the old EP’s had some good songs on them but that full sound we were after just wasn’t quite there like this album is and I feel we can only get better with the next record, its just a natural progression.”

Your vocals on the new album are pretty amazing – who is responsible for the broadened range?

“Experience I would say, the more you do something the better you get at it I guess, I’m using my voice more now than ever before, your voice is a muscle and I’m putting it to work!”

“Choice – Path – Consequence – Solution” is the name of the new album. Can you explain what the title is all about – and how it ties in with the clever cover?

“”Choice – Path – Consequence – Solution” is the title of the opening track on the album, it pretty much sums up life in a nutshell – you choose the path you want to go, you may succeed or you fuck up and do something about haha.  A lot of songs have that recurring theme in them so it seemed fitting that was the title, Todd (guitarist) came up with the chatterbox idea and it seemed to fit the title really well.”

IS it weird finishing the recording of an album 6 or 9 months before it gets released? Is that like keeping an awesome secret – and how difficult is it to not want to go back a redo bits of it…?

“Yeah it’s been a weird album to make for various reasons, I’m just glad it’s finished and we can move on and let other people hear cos we are fried from it haha.  So to answer your question no I wouldn’t go back and change it, I’m laying it to rest haha!”

Where do your lyrics come from?

“Just life experiences, things I see on the news or sometimes I will hear something that I go “hey that be cool to write about””

You’ve been over East three times this year – are you planning on touring the album Eastwards – or further??

“Yeah we are working on a Feb national tour at the moment and in the talks of a USA tour for end of next year, our goal at the moment is just to play to fresh audiences as much as possible”

You struck up a connection with Melbourne duo King Of The North on your touring – and they’re coming over specially to support your album launch Friday at The Civic. What can punters expect from the night?

“I think punters are going to get there face melted off! The 3 other bands on the bill are top notch, King of The North are a two piece powerhouse, don’t let the 2 man band thing fool you these guys sound massive!, Brutus are kickass also and I’m really looking forward to watching Wizard Sleeve as I’ve only heard their tracks on the net and they sound badass too!”

If you could go back in time and be a part of the creation of ONE album throughout history – what would it be?

“I don’t think I would want to go back – I might ruin things! Squash a butterfly or what not haha/  Maybe I can just sit in and learn, probably “Dirt” by Alice in Chains.”

What for you Kevin, is The Meaning Of Life?

“Leaving your mark on this life, whatever it is that you do and just having a good time”


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