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WILD TURKEY – Devil Ridin’ Shotgun

| 12 September 2012 | Reply

By Shane Pinnegar

Wild Turkey are a mean lookin’ trio of Rockabilly hombres hailing from the deep south of… Melbourne! Featuring chief songwriter Johnny Marsden on twangtastic guitar and vocals, Kirk Syrett whacking the drums, and Guy Lawson plucking a righteous double bass, they run the gamut of rockabilly styles on this eclectic album which dates right back to 2005.

As the flames spurt from behind the Wild Turkey rock mobile, the listener is shaken, stirred, slapped around the chops a few times and left with a whiskey bottle-sized good-time headspin.

Through heads down rockabilly rockers that Brian Setzer would be proud to call his own (The title track, Powder & Pearls, Heaven Complete, Hey Little Baby), horrorbilly (Anne Cannibal, Dull Hard Thud), good old time rock n’ roll (Ain’t Enough), comedy countrypunk (Transvestite Trucker), hard rockin’ blasters (Gone For Good) and more, Wild Turkey never let the pace flag for a moment on this good time hotrod ride down highway 666.

The CD finishes up with a couple of live covers (The Sonics’ Strychnine and Jimmy Rodgers’ Muleskinner Blues) which signpost a couple of Wild Turkey’s stronger influences – both country twang and garage rock can clearly be heard in the preceeding 13 tracks – and end the album on the same high note it started.

“Devil Ridin’ Shotgun” is a genre-striding, souped-up, fuel-injected take on modern rockabilly and a gloriously raucous and fun ride at that – get it now from

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