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| 10 November 2016 | Reply

Wrapping up his 2016 tour schedule, Howie Day is stopping by the Lexington Village Theatre for his final show.  In advance of the tour stop, we were able to grab a few minutes of his time to discuss his career, Crowd Funding, and more…


Toddstar: Howie, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule for us. Looking at your career, it is almost as if you were clairvoyant when you self-financed and self-released your debut Australia back in 2000. This is more and more the norm these days in the music industry. Did you have any idea you would be on the fore-front of a more “independent” movement for musicians?

Howie: I had no idea! I was 19 years old when Australia came out, and that was really the only option. Of course, it’s an advantage now, because it’s not uncharted territory for me.

Toddstar: You have the distinction of releasing a track that would become Epic Records’ first platinum single “Collide” – when you started recording for the Stop All The World Now release, did anything about that song particularly jump out at you while writing or recording?

Howie: I knew, as soon as it was a demo that I had something special. I listened to the demo over and over again, and recall thinking to myself “This is it.”

Toddstar: In late 2014 you announced a PledgeMusic campaign that eventually resulted in the Lanterns release. More and more artists, from well-established to new bands trying to cut that first disc, are leaning toward a crowd funding platform of one type or another. Do you feel the process and results were enough of a success that you would go that route again, or would you pursue a different avenue?

Howie: I would definitely look at doing the PledgeMusic thing again. It’s no free lunch, all of the stuff you offer up to the fans is unique, special, and takes a great deal of time. That said, the support flooded in, and honestly it not only helped pay some of the studio bill, it was also really encouraging to have the fans’ behind me during the process. I am incredibly grateful.

Toddstar: You are winding down your touring for 2016 with a couple more intimate shows. Is there something about a smaller theatre setting, such as the show scheduled for the Lexington Village Theatre on November 12, that you believe better suits your music or performance?

Howie: Small theaters are every musician’s favorite. People make a point to sit down, listen, maybe close their eyes and try to have an experience. Usually I get a chance to talk to some people and hang out after the show too, which is nice, since I’ve just been alone onstage for 90 minutes.

Toddstar: Who or what still inspires you to create and perform? It can’t be easy packing up and leaving family, friends, “normal life” for days, weeks, and even months at a time to get out and bring your music to the masses.

Howie: It’s definitely not easy, and not for everyone. I love the performing bit, that’s what ultimately drives me, but that’s only two percent of your time on the road… The rest is flight delays and calling the front desk to see what time breakfast ends.

Toddstar: Are there any artists out there you would like to collaborate with – either writing or recording? What about touring – are there any artists you feel you could tour with where both of your catalogs would complement each other?

Howie: I just go with the flow. Aimee Mann sang on a few tracks on Lanterns, most notably “Life-Sized”, and that just sort of happened.


Toddstar: With the end of 2016 looming, what does 2017 hold for Howie Day musically? Can your fans expect more music and tours?

Howie: Yes. Longer tours with more space in between – starting work on album number five!

Toddstar: Looking back over your career, are there any professional moments or decisions that stand out as a misstep that you might like to change?

Howie: I always wonder what would have happened if I had stayed the indie course right from the beginning, less of a misstep and more of a “what if?” I suppose.

Toddstar: What songs from your catalog do you feel will always be part of a Howie Day live performance? Additionally, are there any songs you would love to add to your live set that you haven’t for one reason or another? If so, what songs and why haven’t they become staples in your performance?

Howie: The only ones that have stayed around my entire career so far are “She Says” and “Ghost,” which is pretty incredible when you consider I wrote those songs when I was a teenager. Look, in the end I hope to have as many of those songs in my catalog as possible.

Toddstar: Any last words for your fans in advance of your show this Saturday in Lexington, MI?

Howie: Come on down! It’s my last show of the year, so I suspect I’ll be on top of my game.

Toddstar: Thanks again and we look forward to checking out your show this weekend!

Howie: Thank you!!!






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