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LIVE: SKILLET – June 17, 2024

| 20 June 2024 | Reply

Venue: Burton Cummings Theatre

City: Winnipeg, MB

Date: June 17, 2024

Review and Photographs by: Alejandro Penner (

The hard-rock band Adelitas Way came out to warm up the sold out theatre. Rick DeJesus’ powerful vocals mixed with their heavy guitar tones were great way to start the night out with a bang. As the crew was setting up for Skillet’s set, it was clear that we were in for a treat. They unveiled a massive platform about 4-5 feet tall, spanning the width of the stage with Jen Ledger’s drum kit on top of it. On either side of the kit were what appeared to be standing braces, which later during the set became clear to be lifts that lifted the guitarist up in the air, and a big Skillet “S” logo on the front of it, which was lid-up with LEDs. The stage was backed by seven screens, six smaller ones, and one big screen in the middle to put up their graphics. Something to note: the “S” was linked with the screens, making the light show quite a spectacle to witness. As the lights dropped one by one the band members walked out onto the stage, with Jen being the first, coming to the front of the stage to wave at the crowd after making her way up to the platform and joining her drum kit. Wasting no time, the set starts off with Skillet’s hard-hitting track “Feel Invincible” off of their 2016 record “Unleashed.” Their set consisted of a range of tracks from their discography, going back as far as playing a few tracks off of the album “Comatose,”  like “Whispers in the Dark,” “Rebirthing,” and “Comatose.” To no surprise they played tracks off their arguably most popular album “Awake,” hits like “Awake and Alive,” “Hero,” and “Monster.”

John Cooper has quite the presence on stage, but nothing came close to the electrifying energy that his wife Korey brought to the show. It was quite mesmerizing to watch her crush the set. For their third track of the night, “Surviving the Game,” which is off of their album “Legendary,” John Cooper strapped on some gloves. As the intro to the song hit, he walked to the middle of the stage, and with two air cannons strapped to his hands, he blasted them into the air, while they had six other air cannons on the front of the stage that also blasted off, making it one of my favourite intros of the night. It was absolutely amazing to witness, especially since it was only a few feet away. Jen Ledger came down from her platform to join John Cooper for a couple of the songs, like “Awake and Alive,” in which she joined in on the vocals for the intro, and “Hero,” in which Jen joined John for the entirety of the songs. The night was quite spectacular, mixed with a fantastic light show, air cannons, and unmatched energy from the band members. There wasn’t a member of the audience who left the show dissatisfied, well maybe a couple of fans did, as they were waiving a couple of shirts in the air saying “Play Savior”, a song off of Skillet’s 2003 “Collide” album. Skillet did not play the song however John Cooper did acknowledge the fans and had a good chuckle about it, saying “Savior is a song that was written probably before a lot of you guys in the audience were born”. Needless to say Skillet’s Day of Destiny Tour is one that if you are a fan do not want to miss.

SET LIST: Feel Invincible – Rise – Surviving The Game – Legendary – Awake and Alive – Back from the Dead – Hero – Not Gonna Die – Whispers in the Dark – Psycho In My Head – Anchor – Comatose – Monster – Rebirthing – The Resistance







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