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Label: Blonde Dog

Release Date: June 7, 2024

Rating: 92%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Not everything in my listening cycle has to rock in the way most people interpret the word.  A new EP dropping soon rocks without creating the need to headbang or play air guitar and drums.  The four-track release from Paige Stark is a melancholy delivery that crawls inside you and grabs a hold of you.  Disc opener and title track “Good At Love” unfolds and rolls out slowly with some percussion and piano that gives off a slight jazz feel at times that is built up as Paige adds her vocals to the mix.  The overall feel of the track permeates the entire EP adding a bit of texture.  Without fanfare or blistering musical accompaniment, Stark shows how simple is sometimes the best way to go.  “Zombie Brain Drain” brings some guitar and a little attitude to the mix, and we are off and running on something that reminds me of Liz Phair (and that’s a great thing).  The song is my favorite of the handful here, with a cool vibe that gets the feet tapping while you ease into the song like a pair of comfortable jeans.  The guitar work and vocals on the bridge continue the simple is better process.  “Ur Girl” allows Paige’s vocals to shine brightly as the instrumentation was dialed back in the mix.  Her delivery, especially the enunciation, draws attention to the lyrics while you are lulled into loving the track.  There are spots in the song and production that are contagious, especially when Stark brings out some higher notes.  Disc closer “I’ll Never Leave You” is a track that brings some of the different facets of the proceeding tracks together.  The piano underneath her vocals is the perfect runway for her to take off from and soar above in the mix.  This song made me look deeper into her catalog as a singer.  Be sure to hang out long enough to enjoy the vocal layering that shows up around two-thirds of the way through the track.  Just when I think I have this disc figured out, Stark consistently throws some curves into the musical ride.  We can only hope a tour comes our way to enjoy these songs (and others) in a live situation.

Tracklisting: Good At Love – Zombie Brain Drain – Ur Girl – I’ll Never Leave You






Category: CD Reviews

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