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| 19 March 2024 | Reply

Label: Exquisite Feline

Release Date: March 27, 2024

Rating: 96%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I have been digging EPs lately… never thought I would, but a lot of times they are easy on the time available to listen to new music and allow an artist to put forth their best few songs.  Don’t get me wrong – I still love listening to an album top to bottom and back again, but when I am discovering a new artist (new to me at least) bite size pieces are best.  This is absolutely true in the case of the soon to be released EP from Devon Thompson.  These five songs are fun, quirky, and overall captivating.  Disc opener “Straitjacket” is the most straight forward rocker of the lot, but the rhythm is contagious, and the vocals crawl deep within and beg you to sing along.  The vocals pair perfectly with the guitar and keyboard swirl in the mix.  The overall vibe of this track draws you in and keeps you engaged.  “I Love You But It Hurts Like Hell” was my first exposure to Devon and I still stand by my appreciation of the track.  The rock vibe is twisted in the arrangement with just enough piss and vinegar with a few dabs of riot grrrrl tossed in for good measure.  The bottom end is the perfect instrumentation to carry the verses before the guitars kick in on the choruses.  “So Close” is a cool droning track that gets the foot tapping and features some cool guitar work underneath Thompson’s almost sultry vocal.  There is something about her vocals on the bridge that draws Liz Phair and L7 to mind… in a good way (trust me – both of those artists are in my ‘WIN’ column).  I dig the way she twists the emotion of the track with the instrumentation.  “Poison Me” comes across as a cool midtempo rock ballad from the onset and only gets better from there, especially if you listen closely to the lyrics.  The drumming and guitar work are a great accompaniment for the lead vocal draped across the track.  Closer “She’s The Devil” is nothing close to what I expected sonically.  This acoustic track lets another side of Devon to shine through and allows her vocals to take the spotlight and carry the track without much assistance.  While I dig the rockers here, listening through this track, I would be just as satisfied with an acoustic album from Devon as I would be a full-on rocker.  Now to hopefully get some tour dates outside of CA so we can witness these tracks and more live.

Tracklisting: Straitjacket – I Love You But It Hurts Like Hell – So Close – Poison Me – She’s The Devil






Category: CD Reviews

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