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| 26 September 2023 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: September 29, 2023

Rating: 90%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The latest EP from Vera Bloom is a great cross section of different rock textures and she pulls off each of them through these six tracks.  Disc opener “Eyes On You” is a bottom heavy bass driven rocker that features cool riffs and fuzzy vocals that call to mind early Liz Phair minus the angsty lyrics.  The track draws you in with a garage pop rock vibe that is woven throughout the track.  Be sure to check out the guitar solo on the bridge, as it adds depth to the track.  “Say Goodbye” keeps the alt-rock vibe intact and features more of the same style vocals from Bloom that she introduced in the opener… this time with the aforementioned lyrics.  This track has a melancholy groove to it that sets it apart from the previous track but stays within the outline established by the other tracks here.  “Mud” jumps out at a frantic pace and delivers pop punk goodness from opening note until the close.  Vera’s vocals and lyrics are excitingly fun on this one and keeps you listening.  The drums and bass lead the charge and keep this one anchored, especially during the bridge when a couple drums fills accompany the guitars as the song transitions.  “Boxes” is a welcome change of pace to the rest of the disc, with what seems to be the most mainstream of the tracks, but don’t be misled… this is a great swirl of attitude tossed into a pop alt-rock punk blender.  I find myself foot tapping along with this each time I hear it and humming it long after it’s ended.  Title track “It’s Me” has a cool garage rock feel to it that permeates the track from the vocals to the guitars and works its way into the rhythm section as well.  The vocals are rich and take on a different tone through the chorus.  The song is a slight left turn for the rest of the disc but fits well within the sonic constraints of the collection.  Disc closer “Serenity” pulls from a different sound pocket, with a groove that seems classic and new at the same time, with nuances from the guitars, drums, and bass entwined in the musical accompaniment underneath Bloom’s vocals.  This track is a cool representation of Bloom’s talent and I for one cannot wait to see what happens next with her… hopefully a tour to drag these across a stage near me.

Tracklisting: Eyes On You – Say Goodbye – Mud – Boxes – It’s Me – Serenity







Category: CD Reviews

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