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| 29 September 2023 | Reply

Label: Sony Music Canada

Release Date: September 22, 2023

Rating: 95%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There seems to be a lot of really good pop rock crossing my inbox lately and when it comes to the latest EP from Laye, I was happily surprised after listening through.  Disc opener “I saw god” is a cool piece that showcases Laye’s vocals overtop some great instrumentation that allows her voice to shine through the mix.  The layered vocals at the end are a cool twist in place of a bridge.  “you’re my achilles heel” kicks off in another direction sonically from the opener, but the acoustic opening is a cool twist that grows as the verse turns to chorus and back again.  While the lyrics may not be as catchy as others here, there is no denying the foot tapping the song elicits.  “touching myself” is all attitude and the vocals deliver perfectly.  The chugging and strumming riffs are a good addition to the chorus that adds to the tracks power.  This track is one of the best earworms I have had in a long time, as I find myself humming and singing this one long after I have turned the disc off.  “blue” takes a slight left turn sonically and with a slower tempo and less aggressive vocal.  This track gives us an opportunity to absorb and enjoy the rich vocal Laye offers up.  This one would be cool as hell in a live scenario in a club.  The cadence of this one drives me to tap on my desk while working and listening.

“sunday scaries” has a cool vibe from the start and only gets better as the song unwinds.  The vocals are a perfect fit for the track as the guitars and keyboards swirl in the background adding depth to the song.  Laye delivers a song that runs through your head long after it has ended.  “my last cigarette” keeps the attitude fueled rock flowing, creating a powerful one-two punch when coupled with “touching myself.”  The drums and bass anchor the track underneath the lofty thick vocals and guitars.  The vocal thrown over the bridge is a great twist to what is normally a perfect landing spot for a guitar solo.  “Unhappier” is a slightly different track in that is swirls together a milder guitar, less frantic bottom end, and lush vocals giving us a great representation of the ‘softer’ side of Laye… and I love it.  The chorus is solid.  Disc closer “backseat driver” has a great throwback guitar sound that couples with Laye’s vocal through the opening and verse.  Once the chorus hits, the bass joins the fray and we are off and running with one of the better tracks on the disc.  The texture of the vocal draws you in and allows you to feel the lyric.  The down side to this collection of eight tracks is that it is only eight tracks.  We can only hope there is more waiting for us.  Most of this disc seems as if it were made for a live audience… here’s hoping!

Tracklisting: I saw god – you’re my achilles heel – sunday scaries – touching myself – my last cigarette – blue – Unhappier – backseat driver






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