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| 22 September 2014 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music SRL

Release Date: September 23, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

AOR and Melodic Rock will always be a favorite of mine.  Blame it on my musical rearing in the 80’s.  The debut project from Moonland featuring vocalist Lenna Kuurmaa lands squarely in the middle of this territory.  “Heaven Is To Be Close To You” is a typical track full of guitars and keyboards, but the addition of a strong female lead vocal twists the equation slightly.  The blend of tones carries the song well as the disc opens.  “Open Your Heart” opens with a mellow intro that hints toward a Journey influence that shifts gears slightly once the verse kicks in.  Lenna’s vocals add a bit of texture to teh track without taking over.  “Poison Angel” features a ton of keyboards and the other instruments simply add background noise, including the vocals.  The chorus is catchy and lofty, but still drowning in a little too much keyboard.  “Out Of Reach” is more keyboard overkill during the intro, but the verse features a cool chugging guitar part that offsets the vocals slightly and gives this song an edge not prevalent on other tracks here.  The chorus is one of the most anthemic on the disc.  “Cold As Ice” is another melodic rock track that seems to contain all the trappings of a solid song.  The chugging guitars and heavy keyboards set against pounding drums and thumping bass lines play nicely against the vocals.  “Heart Made Of Steel” kicks into high gear at the onset with guitars and keyboards that seem to be dueling more than dueting, but it sets a frantic pace for a solid track that sets itself apart from others on the disc.

“Crime Of Love” has a cool keyboard and guitar duet that gets the disc rolling, but the real energy fills the song when the drums join in and give this a full rock flavor.  The vocals seem a bit tame, until the chorus drops in and gives this song a bit of energy.  “When Love Is Gone” features soaring guitars, solid rhythm from the bass and drums, and vocals that grow and flourish during the verse and carry the chorus.  The track is standard fare for the disc, keeping everything constant.  “Live And Let Go” is a beautiful track that gives the disc a solid ballad that should go over well with AOR fans.  Kuurmaa’s voice is strong set against a mellow track, giving the song depth and strength without the overuse of keyboards and guitars.  “Over Me” takes the disc down a familiar road with cool guitar riffs and keyboard accompaniment that sit well against the vocals and the tempo of the track.  The song, while not over the top, is one of the more solid offerings on the disc.  “Look At Us Now” is more guitar and keyboard magic that provides a beautiful tapestry for Lenna’s voice to blend with.  The tempo and feel of the track is not full blown rocker, but a welcome change compared to other tracks on the disc.  “Another Day In Paradise” brings the disc to a close and does not disappoint.  The guitars and keyboards take on last spin around the room together with a sense of urgency that hasn’t shown itself on this disc yet.  The vocals join the mix, along with a heavier rhythm section,  and the song is off and running, making a final charge toward the finish line.

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