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| 29 June 2021 | Reply

Label: Rat Pak Records

Release Date: June 25, 2021

Rating: 90%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I am digging all the new music and artists coming my way in 2021.  Another band that hit my radar recently delivers a debut release full of modern rock radio gems that swirl together glimpses and glimmers from different genres and makes it all work.  Disc opener “Twin Flame” gets things rocking and rolling with chugging riffs, a heavy bottom end, and some cool vocals that take on different textures and influences as the song progresses.  While some quick comparisons are available, I prefer to let the song stand on its own and draw you in based on its own merit.  “Behind These Eyes” unfolds with a beautiful guitar part that lulls you in sweetly until the drums and bass crash the party and get things going.  Soon the guitars get cranked and are matched in volume and intensity by the vocals.  These two track pack a powerful one-two punch.  “Black Hearts” has a different sound and vibe from the first note to the last.  The musical component takes a back seat through the verse for the vocal and the song is better for it.  This one has a great sound that hits me with each listen.  Be sure to check out the guitar parts during the song transitions.  “The Storm” has a thunderous bottom end that carries the track and keeps it anchored, even when the guitars a vocals work to help the song take flight.  The swirl of guitars, bass, drums, and vocals are a perfect storm that explodes at the chorus.  The layered vocals add depth to the track.  “Beginning & The End” is all rock and delivers a heavy modern bottom end that swirls with a melodic styled vocal that has cool textures and layers between the verses, chorus, and transitions.  This one gets the foot tapping and the head banging at various times during the songs thee-plus minutes, but it is fun from start to finish.  “Work Of Heart” rips open with a cool solo that builds with a tandem guitar sound.  The vocal kicks in and soon we are off and running.  The harmonies in the vocals are a fun listen that adds a bit to the track while the heavy bottom end helps steer the ship.  I really dig the thumping bass lines that swirl with the drums in the mix.

Title track “Redemption” has a familiar sound and groove woven into the track that calls to mind many songs and bands, but without the thought of being overdone, rehashed, or ripped off.  The subtle guitar riffs and nuances in the mix are fun and give the song a little something extra.  The vocals are solid and keep the track chugging down the musical track.  “Dirty Tragic” has a great riff and guitar attack that don’t let up.  The melody of the track is solid, the musical component is great, and the vocals are tight, but there is magic in the guitar work, especially on the bridge when two different solos converge and deliver one of the best sections on the disc.  “Alive” brings a different sound and vibe to the disc at first listen, but once the intro settles in and the band drops in, we are given another solid rocker that has some sonic elements that call to mind some of the more melodic0 late 70’s / early 80’s hard rock.  The chugging riffs maintain the cadence while the drums and bass chase each other throughout the track.  “Bourbon Straight” has a great opening riff that is soon kicked into overdrive when the other guitar sounds and the rhythm section jump into the track with both feet.  This one has a feel and sound baked into it that begs to be played live and blasted through a PA.  The chorus has aa contagious string running through it that gets you jamming and singing along before the track ends.  “Casting Shadows” is all modern rock and radio friendly, with chugging riffs, smashing drums, and thunderous bass lines underneath a vocal that is as smooth as it is gravely as various points throughout the track.  Will different from other tracks on the collection, the song has several elements that keep this one reeled in and moving along with the others.  Disc closer “Alone and Dead” has an amazing tone to it that lends itself to be THAT song on the disc.  The guitar riff buried in the verse is amazing and swirls perfectly in the mix with the rest of the track, especially the vocal.  This is my favorite track on the, but is perfectly placed at the end as it prompts you to kick the disc to the beginning once it plays through so you can sink your teeth in and enjoy the rock rock and roll once again.  I really hope these guys can catch on and grab a tour, as I would love to get a different listen to these songs in a local venue.

Tracklisting: Twin Flame – Behind These Eyes – Redemption – Black Hearts – Dirty Tragic – The Storm – Alive – Beginning & The End – Bourbon Straight – Work Of Heart – Casting Shadows – Alone and Dead

Lineup: Mack Mullins (vocals) – Beau Anderson (guitar) – Vince Hornsby (bass) – Chase Brown (guitar) – Joseph Herman (drums)






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