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| 16 January 2015 | Reply


Label: BenBella Books

Release Date: September 23, 2014

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The minute anyone reads, sees, or hears the words “Eye Of The Tiger” certain images of a boxer come to mind – and that’s okay with Jim Peterik.  As the founding member behind Survivor and the driving force behind other bands over the last five decades, Peterik has nothing to be ashamed of, afraid of, or to hide from.  Leaving through the pages of this book, as told by Jim to author Lisa Torem, you quickly realize this isn’t going to be a juicy tell-all that reveals all of the juicy details of drug-infused tours and recording sessions, sordid tales of tour lust, or the other ghosts that haunt the memories of aging rockers.

Peterik is proud of many things: his heritage, his legacy of music, his drive to excel and succeed in the cutthroat world of music, etc.  The best takeaway from this book was the pride he has regarding his relationship with family.  Hardly a life decision is reflected upon and conveyed without a reference to how his family – whether it was the early influence of his parents and sisters or the later infusion of his wife and son –  impacted each maneuver.  Getting to know the man behind such hits as the obvious “Eye Of The Tiger,” the early hit “Vehicle” from The Ides of March, or countless hits from bands such as .38 Special and Sammy Hagar, is the real benefit of spending the time to read this book.  There are many song writers and performers that have stories of power struggles within the hierarchy of a Grammy-winning band, but stories that describe getting beyond that with grace and style are few and far between.

Putting everything into perspective, one only need look at the cover of the book at times, while reading the story, to remember that Peterik isn’t one of those crusty rockers from an era gone by that decided to launch “His” side of the story – Jim’s story is still being written.  He is simply allowing fans of his, his bands – past and present, and his musical legacy to get a fuller understanding of what ti took to make him not only the musician he is today, but the son, husband, and father that his family embraces.  Sure – you get to hear about some drugs, some sex, and a shit-load of rock and roll, but what you really get is just the first couple chapters of Jim Peterik’s journey from birth until now… listening to his recent output, the story is far from over and the final chapters are still in process…





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