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MUSIC REVIEW: O – Orianthi

| 17 December 2020 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: November 6, 2020

Rating: 88%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Orianthi has graced stages and albums of some of the greatest performers, but we cannot overlook her solo career either.  With a pair of killer hits ripped from her first major label releases [“According To You” and “Shut Up And Kiss Me” from Believe and the reissue Believe II], I was hooked… and I wasn’t alone, as Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, and Michael Jackson all bought in to the six string magic.  Releasing a new solo disc late in 2020, she again captured the hearts and ears of rockers across the globe.  Disc opener “Contagious” kicks off the ten track release with a killer riff, a monster bottom end, and some sultry as hell vocals.  This is Orianthi at her best, with a voice that perfectly matches the voracity with which she plays guitar.  The chugging rhythm builds through the verse and bridge allowing her to break loose at the chorus.  “Sinners Hymn” takes a left turn from the opener and delivers a slightly darker vibe in the programming, guitars, and vocals.  The feel of the song matches the lyrics and shows off a tribal groove underneath her fretboard symphony.  “Blow” is a fun track that brings a slight pop-rock sensibility to the collection.  The vocals are different, but fit the track and the guitar work woven into the catchy chorus keeps you engaged as the song ebbs and flows from open to close.  Be sure to listen for guitar nuances tossed into the track.  “Crawling Out Of The Dark” is a full-on ballad that allows Orianthi to pour her heart out through her vocals with the guitar almost being the secondary piece of the track.  The emotionally charged lyric is delivered perfectly with her thick vocal that drives the track from open to close.  Be sure to check out the solo on the bridge that adds depth and (more) feeling to the song.  “Streams Of Consciousness” dials back the guitar through the opening and verse, giving Orianthi yet another music weapon in her arsenal.  The song rips into the rock at the chorus as quick and rough as the rip of a band aid from a rock and roll wound.  The chugging bottom end and solid foundation from the drums gives this song the perfect landscape to roam, especially when she let’s it all hang out on the bridge.

“Rescue Me” unfolds slowly and with a different texture than other tracks on the disc, incorporating a smoky blues riff and smoldering vocal in the mix with the programming and the rhythm section.  The vibe of this song digs in and keeps the disc anchored underneath the searing riffs and powerful groove that gets the slowly banging.  “Sorry” has a great opening lick that will get every guitar head drooling and soon shifts gears as the programming takes over during the verse.  As the song shifts to the chorus, another radio friendly groove hits you from the speakers, giving this a fun groove that is as good for a rock club as it is for a dance floor.  “Impulsive” is a cool guitar led track that grabs me every time I listen through the disc, as it ties that vocal and vibe from her first major release in 2009 to the grown and experienced performer of 2020.  The chugging riff swirled with the contagious vocal helps this one either run as part of the ten track collection or a stand alone rocker that hits the mark.  “Company” has a different sound as the songs opens with a bottom heavy sound and percussion track that has a pop-vibe wrapped around it.  The guitars drop on the chorus and tangle perfectly with Orianthi’s vocals as the song moves from verse to chorus and back again.  There is a familiarity to the track that invites you in and helps reintroduce you a guitar sound that dances the line between rock, pop, and mainstream.  Disc closer “Moonwalker” close this release on a high note, even if the tempo and intensity are dialed back compared to most of the other tracks.  The lyrical and titular reference to her former boss is obvious, but the musical component of this song is the best part, as it blends an ethereal groove with Orianthi’s rich vocal and tosses in a cool guitar part to boot.  Excuse me while I enjoy the rest of the ride and kick start this disc again from the beginning.

Tracklisting: Contagious – Sinners Hymn – Rescue Me – Blow – Sorry – Crawling Out Of The Dark – Impulsive – Streams Of Consciousness – Company – Moonwalker

Lineup: Orianthi Panagaris (guitars, vocals, programming) – Evan Frederiksen (drums, bass) – Marti Frederiksen (percussion, programming, Bass)






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