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| 17 December 2020 | Reply

Label: Madison Records

Release Date: November 17, 2020

Rating: 96%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

‘Josie’s on a vacation far away…’ is a line that lives on in each of us.  Don’t think so? I dare you to not sing along when you next hear that infectious nugget on a radio, cd player, streaming service, etc.  The voice behind that gem decided to put together a solo career over the last couple years, including an EP of track that were release posthumously after his sudden passing in October.  This six-track collection is exactly what I expected and we needed from Tony.  Disc opener “Gonna Make You Love Me” unfolds and we are graced by his vocals from the onset.  The chugging rhythm, familiar thumping bass sound, and the voice of out youth all come together in a track that is solid and contagious as hell.  This is Tony building on his musical legacy and demonstrating his growth and maturity as a performer.  This one has been on constant spin in my mix lately.  “One By One” has a slightly different feel, but that same musical and vocal sound we have come to know and love from Lewis.  The chord and tempo changes in the verse, prechorus, and chorus – especially the cadence from the drums –  give the song a cool texture that ties it to the rest of the disc while standing on its own.  “My World” comes straight at us with a cool riff that opens the track before the song twists and turns into a comforting track that supports Tony’s vocals throughout the transitions and even into the bridge.  Be sure to sit back and enjoy the layered vocals that carry the song through to its end.  “I Feel Alive” is the most diverse track on the disc, but it is still at home between all the other tracks.  This song demonstrates Tony’s grasp on the root of a song, tying the different facets of his career together with a song that takes on a stripped back approach, much like his previously released Unplugged – The Acoustic Sessions EP.  The vocals steal the show on this song – his voice is as emotive and strong as ever.  “Then There Was You” has a different opening, as it is keyboard and programming driven, but it is a fun track that draws you in, especially when Lewis’ layered vocals join the fray at the chorus.  The song kicks into overdrive adding Tony’s thumping bass lines as the song transitions to the second verse and ebbs back and forth throughout the track.  Disc closer “I’m Falling” is a song that tears at me each time I hear it.  The vocals, groove, and sound are a sound that echoes Tony’s musical past, draws in his catalog, and completes the circle of his more mature lyrics and sound.  The song is a beautiful track that perfectly ties the EP together and gives us the perfect parting track and final gift from Tony.

Tracklisting: Gonna Make You Love Me – One By One – My World – I Feel Alive – Then There Was You – I’m Falling






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