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| 24 December 2020 | Reply

Label: Rise Records

Release Date: November 27, 2020

Rating: 95%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose is a busy guy… even during a pandemic.  In addition to working on the latest release from Sevendust, he stepped into the limelight and dropped a 6-track EP aptly titled Controlled Chaos, but what we get some much more than that, and it isn’t chaotic at all from a listeners perspective.  “Intro” is exactly that – a musical interlude that introduces the disc to the listener and gets you ready for what is to come sonically.  “The Answer” is exactly what I expected from Morgan’s debut release.  The song structure and basics are a lot like the Sevendust music we have come to know and love over the years, most likely due to the pairing of Morgan and Clint Lowry as song writers.  The vocals are smooth and incorporate a bit of the edge Rose brings to his other project tossed with a great lead vocal.  “Faster Man” unfolds slowly as the song moves and morphs.  The vocals are more straightforward and reflects another side of Morgan from a vocal side – the dude can sing!  The music ebbs and flows creating a cool vibe that draws you in and keeps things moving.  “Clarity” is a track that took me by surprise and in a good way.  The song is a left turn for Morgan sonically and vocally.  The layers of instrumentation provide a killer foundation for the track and the lead vocals tread lightly across the track and let Rose flex his vocal muscle, moving back and forth between an ethereal lead to the modern rock radio sound, without the growls or power forward sound we have become accustomed to.  This one grows on me a bit more with each listen.  “Come Alive” circles back and gives us another glimpse into how strong a part of Sevendust the tandem of Morgan and Clint are as writers, as this track could have been featured on any of the bands releases and fit right in.  The structure, the musical component, and the production are spot on.  Disc closer “Exhale” is my hands down favorite on the disc, as it is the track that shows the most varied side of Morgan as a writer, player, and singer.  The keyboard intro lulls you in and gets you engaged before you know what it and prepares you for the BEAUTIFUL lead vocal from Morgan that swoons atop an ethereal sound from the programming and keyboards, creating a different texture and landscape for Rose to decorate with his words an voice.  If he ever readies another collection of tracks, I hope we get more like this, as I feel it upped the stakes and raised his musical game considerably.

Tracklisting: Intro – The Answer – Faster Man – Clarity – Come Alive – Exhale






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