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CD REVIEW: King Parrot – Dead Set

| 30 June 2015 | Reply

CD REVIEW: King Parrot – Dead Set
11 May, 2015
Review by Shayne McGowan
8 1/2 / 10

King Parrot - Dead Set cover

King Parrot caught the eye of a pretty powerful guy in the world of metal when they played Soundwave 2014. That man was the one and only Philip H. Anselmo, yes, the same Phil Anselmo that fronted Pantera for years, currently fronts Down and Superjoint Ritual, and has worked on or with countless other projects over the years. He is a pretty good guy to have on your side, especially for a band, who are working themselves to the bone to build their name.

The result of the band catching the eyes and ears of Anselmo, is the album Dead Set, which Phil produced at his home studio (Nodferatu’s Lair ) in Louisianna. Dead Set is 34 minutes of absolutely relentless heavy metal music, straight out of the gutter. This is the kind of music that is going to intimidate the shit out of the un-initiated.

Generally, I prefer to have some clean vocals in my heavy music, but there has always been something about King Parrot that has been so appealing to me. Every song is an aural onslaught from beginning to end. It’s got me fucked how the band can play so fast and keep up with the changes in each song, and vocalist Youngy must have some seriously strong pipes on him, to be able to keep those vocals coming.

Dead Set is the obvious cousin to King Parrots last full length album, Bite Your Head Off, but this time they are bringing more groove to the table, and it seems that all of their time on the road has really helped them find their feet. The studio guidance of one of heavy metals biggest icons would have been a handy tool as well, I am sure.

Anthem of the Advanced Sinner opens the album, and it’s crushing, fast paced death metal with a healthy dose of groove from that point on. I don’t think that the band has ever sounded better than they do on Need No Saviour or Home is Where the Gutter Is.

It’s King Parrot versus the world, and it shows throughout the album, with a real “us against them” vibe the whole way through. If the boys are going to keep putting out records of this quality, I have no doubt that they will indeed take the metal community by storm, and rise to the upper echelons sooner rather than later.

If you want more King Parrot, check out the series of outstanding video clips they have made so far. They really think outside the box, and give you more than just a music video every time. You can also go and check out the band live, for one of the most intense live gigs you will ever attend!

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