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| 11 June 2020 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Rating: 98%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

With more time at home over the last couple months, I have been exposed to more new music than normal and have had the time to digest a lot of it – finding some new favorite artists and discs.  The latest six-track EP from Danielia Cotton is one of those that checks both boxes… new to me and a new favorite.  Disc opener “Forgive Me” opens with a mild tempo that carries the tunes from open to close while the cool guitar riff grows and builds through the track.  Danielia’s vocals are amazing and draw you in, whether she is delivering an emotionally charged verse or soaring on a bridge or chorus.  This song gets me excited each time it runs through, thanks to her vocal nuances.  “A Different War” has a different feel and groove from the opener, but it is still a great song to listen through as we have two different textures to enjoy.  Featured hip hop artist Mikey Factz adds his touch to the track and swirls the bluesy rock vibe of cotton with a modern rap groove.  The ironic part of listening to this track is digesting the lyrics at a time when tensions in the world and streets are running high.  “Cheap High” sees a guitar riff solidifying the foundation under Cotton’s vocals while the rhythm section points the music in the right direction in the mix.  This is another track that gets the foot tapping and begs you to sing along during the chorus.  “Better Off Without You” takes a right turn and takes us down a mellow road that unfolds in front of us like a ballad.  Danielia’s vocals perfectly deliver the lyrics of this track, including the flexing of her vocal muscle.  The soaring vocals showcase her emotional delivery and her range, both with precision.  While deviating from the musical cloth the other tracks are cut from, this track fits perfectly within the other tracks.  “If You Don’t Want Me” oozes blues, pain, yearning, love, and pain.  The musical accompaniment to this track keeps the song from soaring underneath the wings of Cotton’s voice.  Even with a milder tempo and approach, this is one of the strongest tracks on the disc thanks to the musicianship, lyrics, and their delivery.  Be sure to listen for and feel the emotion in the vocals and the guitar work.  Disc closer “She Too” brings the rock quotient up to end the disc, but this one takes on a punk garage feel that reflects yet another side of Danielia as a writer and performer.  The heavy groove from the guitars, bass, and drums that kick in on the chorus and bridge take this track to another level.  The guitar work is straightforward on the bridge, but stands out nicely.  Listen after listen, I point to a different favorite track… not a bad problem to have.  Now I have to find time to dig into Cotton’s catalog and see what I have been missing all these years!

Tracklisting: Forgive Me – A Different War – Cheap High – Better Off Without You – If You Don’t Want Me – She Too






Category: CD Reviews

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