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Label: Data Water Music

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Rating: 93%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

When I started reading the press release related to the new release from Strictly Elizabeth (a/k/a Jessica Elizabeth Davenport), something prompted me to continue reading and check out the video in the release.  After catching the backstory, I knew I had to spin this disc and dive in to the tracks.  Disc opener “Cold Calculus” is an interesting sound that merges a garage sound with a heavy vibe.  The different strum of the guitar swirls perfectly in the mix with the vocals and creates a cool vibe that permeates not only the track, but the rest of the disc.  Be sure to catch the sound shift at the bridge.  “Baby C’mon” lightens the mood and sound with one of the catchier tunes of the nine presented.  The verse allows us to settle in and enjoy Davenports vocals.  The simple track is one of my favorites spin after spin.  “Western Soul” slows the tempo of the tracks without deviating from the path cut by the others songs.  The different musical sound during the bridge and transitions add depth to the song.  The vocals are enhanced throughout by the musical accompaniment and different sounds and textures.  “Watch the Clockwork” takes on a different sound and feel than most of the other tracks, coming off as ballad-ish.  The rhythm section punctuates the track underneath the swirl of guitar and mesmerizing vocals.  Each time I find a song that grabs my attention, another comes along and requires the same attention – this is one of those tracks.  Disc closer “This Possession” is an interesting song to end the collection on, as this a capella track gives us an unadulterated listen to the emotion behind the vocals that has been incorporated into every track, but is singled out on this song.

“Oscillation Friday” is an interesting track that clocks in at 1:22, the shortest on the collection.  The percussion and guitar stylings fit together perfectly, along with the fuzzy vocals, creating the sound I imagine could be called garage punk.  “Seduction Trash” has a sound and groove built for a live audience.  The cadence of the drums combined with the chugging guitar work and the great vocals deliver a song that sticks with you listen after listen and creates the best one-two punch on the disc with “Baby C’mon.”  I love listening to the vocals on this track as they shift sound and focus, creating a  poppier feel to the track without straying from the collections overall vibe.  “Dogs and Traps” is a fun track that dials up the energy a bit and wraps a cool guitar sound around a spirited vocal.  The vibe of this song climbs in through your ears and, while having a couple NSFW lyrics, is one of the poppiest and most contagious tracks on the disc.  “California Bend” takes an ethereal turn and delivers lofty vocals that drive home the emotionally charged lyrics, just as they have on every song on the disc.  The layered vocals at the bridge as the songs winds down are a beautiful listen.  The song helps tie the different musical textures together and.  This is one of those discs that will never be far from the CD player for those moments you want something poignant to listen to without getting overproduced music and overthought lyrics.

Tracklisting: Cold Calculus – Oscillation Friday – Baby C’mon – Seduction Trash – Western Soul – Dogs and Traps – Watch the Clockwork – California Bend – This Possession





Category: CD Reviews

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