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MUSIC REVIEW: CLINT LOWERY – God Bless The Renegades

| 11 February 2020 | Reply

Label: Rise Records

Release Date: January 31, 2020

Rating: 90%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Clint Lowery jumped out of the proverbial shadows of his day job Sevendust and tossed his hat into the ring with a solo effort that blends the sounds we have come to associate Lowery’s playing with as well as other sounds and the disc is a cool collection of rockers.  Disc opener and title track “God Bless The Renegades” helps ease us into a solo disc with a song and sound that is very Sevendust, from the chugging riffs to the vocals that I was convinced were recorded by Lajohn (Clint tackles lead vocals on the disc).  The bottom end is heavy and supports the vocals and guitars perfectly and the chorus is catchy.  “Here” breaks the mold and takes us into a more mainstream rock sound that grabbed my attention from the first listen.  The vibe of the track is amazing and is one of the best of the group in my opinion.  “Alive” is another track that leans into the Sevendust sound, but has some cool contributions from disc producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette that help differentiate the sounds.  The different guitar textures in the song give this one some punch.  “You Go First” has a different guitar tone and texture that opens the track, but drums and bass, both compliments of Wolfgang Van Halen, soon kick in and we are off and running.  The time change at the chorus adds depth, with the vocal cadence slowing without detracting from the track.  “Silver Lining” is contagious and grabs you instantly and doesn’t let up at all.  The guitar work on this is some of my favorite on the disc and plays nicely against the vocals.

“Kings” opens with a different groove and sound than most of the others, but soon the heavy guitars and solid rhythm section contribution from Van Halen joins the musical fray and we are off and running.  The tempered cadence of this one if cool and allows the musical components to stand on their own with being too fast or running away from itself.  “What’s The Matter” is another track that stands out for me with every listen.  The vocals on this one are some of the best on the disc, especially the layering through the verses.  The guitars riffs are cool and meaty without being too heavy.  The pacing of the track gets the foot tapping and keeps you engaged from opening note to close.  “Allowed To Run” is a great track that has a great riff that unfolds and morphs into a different sound and feel as the song builds through the verse and into the chorus.  The swirl of guitars, vocal, drums, and bass on this one build a wall of sound that accentuates the lyrics.  “She’s Free” has a great sound and feel, from the crunchy guitars to the solid percussion and the layered vocals that cascade across the song.  The song has a familiar sound and feel without being repetitive or overdone.  Disc closer” Do We Fear God” has a great a chugging riff woven into it as well as some great vocals that let Lowery flex a little vocal muscle.  The song is a great balance of musical components and vocals, especially for a song that tends to be a bit lighter, but make no mistake – this is one of the strongest tracks on the disc.  This track paired with “Here” is a killer one-two punch of tracks that will be in my rotation for some time to come.

Tracklisting: God Bless The Renegades – Here – Kings – Alive – What’s The Matter – You Go First – Allowed To Run – Silver Lining – She’s Free – Do We Fear God






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