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| 14 February 2020 | Reply

Label: Spinefarm Records

Release Date: February 14, 2020

Rating: 96%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

A friend told me to get on this bandwagon before everyone jumped on and while I am a little later to the party, so glad I have taken the debut release from Brkn Love for a spin (or ten now).  Disc opener “I Can’t Lie” sets the pace and the bar for the disc.  The cool guitar work and the vocals work so well together, you can’t help but swear you have heard this song before.  The vibe is great and the sound vintage yet new.  This song should open the bands live show… tons of energy and vibe that establishes the mood.  “I See Red” swings us in a different direction sonically, but there is magic in this simple mainstream rock track, that happens to be full of crunching riffs and some killer bottom end from the bass and drums that keep the song from running away.  The vocals drive the lyrics home and keep this one interesting.  “Flies In The Honey” starts off with a different vibe and sound without derailing the sound and musical path cut by the other tracks.  By time the chorus hits us, we are reeled in and taken on a killer rock and roll ride that features some killer drumming in the mix.  “Seventeen” is the most mainstream song of the collection.  It has all the makings of a hit with cool riffs, killer cadence, and strong vocals.  The vibe of the track intensifies on the chorus and bridge and then recoils to the mild manner rocker vibe of the verse.  “Complicated” is one of those tracks that belongs in the swirl of the other tracks but seems to stand out on its own as well.  The vocals are a bit higher and seem to take the disc in another direction until the rock sensibility of the chorus catches up and reels the track in.  “Don’t Panic” has a different guitar sound swirled into it, butr the drums and bass cruise along to keep the song flowing and the energy up.  The layered vocals leading into the chorus are cool and give the song a bit of punch.

In Your Hands – Stay Here

“Shot Down” slows the cadence a bit without effectuating any change to the song or discs power and sonic thickness.  The layered feel of this track gets the foot tapping and the head banging… all in under three minutes.  The cohesive sound of this track gives me hope for the new batch of young rockers writing and recording.  “Papercuts” is a fun track that gives singer / guitarist Justin Benlolo room to run and have a great time… and it sounds like he is doing exactly that, regardless of the lyrics.  The vibe of the song is contagious and keeps you listening from the first note to the exciting last one.  “Toxic Twin” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc.  The vocals are great and keep the song flowing from verse to chorus to bridge and back again.  The chorus is contagious and draws you in with the cool sounds and textures woven into the song.  The lyrics are cool and are accentuated by the vocals and guitar parts.  “Oxygen” is a beautiful track that I can hear time and time again, but would LOVE to hear this one cranked out live.  The vocals of this one cry to be performed live, with all of the emotional push that drives the lyrics home.  This is a lighter / phone over your head in an arena song.  Who I am kidding?  This whole disc was built to rock arenas.  “In Your Hands” starts off slow, but eventually ramps up and shows off a different side of the band.  It isn’t grunge or garage, but a weird blend of the two sounds.  The heavy handed drumming along with the feedback-driven guitar solo at the bridge helps elevate the song as it moves down the proverbial track.  Disc closer “Stay Here” is a cool track that seems to swirl together a lot of the pieces of previous tracks and provides a nice book end for the collection.  The breakdown got my foot tapping the first time I heard it and that hasn’t changed with each additional spin this one is getting in my office lately.  I cannot wait to check these guys out later this summer.

Tracklisting: I Can’t Lie – I See Red – Shot Down – Flies In The Honey – Papercuts – Seventeen – Toxic Twin – Complicated – Oxygen – Don’t Panic – In Your Hands – Stay Here






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