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Label: Red Music

Release Date: March 8, 2019

Rating: 94%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Buckcherry has been one of the most consistent bands over the years, from the first disc and Timebomb to the platinum disc 15 and 2015’s ballsy / bluesy Rock ‘n’ Roll.  The band has also weathered some personnel changes, but continues to crank out killer rock and roll that maintains the spirit of the band.  Disc opener and title track “Warpaint” sets the pace and the bar for the rest of the disc.  This great song has a killer riff, great vocals, and a driving beat that grabs you from the start and doesn’t let up.  The breakdown is fun and gives us flashes of classic Buckcherry without sounding rehashed.  “Right Now” kicks off with a different sound and vibe than most of the Buckcherry catalog, but it fits the mold of the disc and adds depth to the bands history.  The minute Josh Todd opens his mouth and starts signing, you know immediately who is behind this track.  “Radio Song” is a song that should become a staple in their live show whenever they are looking for a moment to slow things down and show their softer side.  The lyrics are great and the orchestral groove through the track give the song a little added punch.  “Bent” is a solid rocker that comes charging at you and seems to embrace the punk rock origins of the band as well as the classic guitar sound swirled against the vocals.  This song ties together the classic Buckcherry with the revamped and re-energized unit that pulled this disc together.  “The Alarm” takes another left turn sonically, but the guitars from Stevie D and Kevin Roentgen anchor the track through the riffs, pings, and chugs.  Combine this with the rhythm section and you have a slow moving rocker that gets the head banging and the foot tapping.  “The Hunger” slows the mood and tempo again and delivers a great mellow rock town with a mild country swagger that fits the guitar work of the song and is enhanced by a different sound and delivery from Josh Todd and stands out as one of my favorites on the disc.

Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like A Hole” adapts and adopts the Buckcherry sound we are all accustomed to, but it falls short for me, as I would rather hear another Josh Todd – Stevie D original.  The song has been given the BC treatment and features some great guitar work from Dacanay; we cannot simply write this one off as just another cover.  “The Vacuum” is another track that deviates slightly from the pattern the band has followed for years, but this song grows as it moves from verse to chorus and back again.  The song gives Josh a lot of room to run and flex some different facets of his vocals.  The slight vibrato from him pairs well with the lead riffs through the verse – and be sure to check out the solo at the bridge.  “Backdown” brings the Buckcherry vibe the fans have come to know and love and gives it a shot of straight ahead rock and roll with a slight pop infusion that makes this song accessible and contagious.  The chorus is punchy and gives the disc another track that would blend perfectly in the bands setlist.  “No Regrets” has a punk rock attitude wrapped in rock and roll and full of piss-n-vinegar.  The bottom end is handled perfectly by bassist Kelly Lemieux and helps keep perfect cadence with the drums (performed on the disc by Sean Winchester).  The breakdown on this track is a cool piece that will provide a great moment live between the band and audience.  “Closer” is a track that could just as easily set the pace for the disc as easily and as well as the opening track does.  The guitars are some of the best on the disc, the vocals grab you, the song demonstrates how tight these musicians are as they move forward to take this disc out on the road and share it with the fans.  Disc closer “The Devil’s In The Details” is a fun song that takes us out on a high note, with attitude and energy.  If you have run through the disc, you will see (hear) that the band’s latest has killer rock, infectious punk, and their own blend of power ballad all coming together to create the latest and greatest addition to the bands legacy.

Tracklisting: Warpaint – Right Now – Head Like A Hole – Radio Song – The Vacuum – Bent – Backdown – The Alarm – No Regrets – The Hunger – Closer – The Devil’s In The Details






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